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How Is It Possible To Get rush visa Vietnam ?

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 - 11:28 AM

Are you planning for an urgent Vietnam visa service? It could be that you are just informed of a mandatory official meeting with a very important client in Vietnam and you have to reach there by tomorrow.

The online Vietnam visa services are fast getting you the approval within 48 hours but you need a faster result here. The great bit is that there are reliable Vietnam visa services portals that would allow you to get your rush visa Vietnam by tonight if you apply in the morning or noon. The post here details how to get the urgent Vietnam visa through an online visa portal.

* Reliable rush visa Vietnam service

First of all, you would have to find out a reliable Vietnam visa website which offers the rush visa service. The visa service from the company should be accredited by the Vietnam Immigration Department. Go for a seasoned one as they are generally well versed in all the nuances of Vietnam visa formalities. As you locate your website, go to its “Rush visa” section.

* Choose date & time

You will be asked to select your date and time to receive the needed rush visa Vietnam approval letter from the company. The approval letter would be sent to you on your email. As you choose the date & time, the company will show the rush visa fee for you. Then, head to the application form.

* Filling up rush visa online application form

- Visa information

The form will ask you to submit your visa details. You will have to select your visa type. It could be 1 month single entry or 1 month multiple entry or 3 months single entry. Then, you will submit your entry date followed by exit date, purpose of visit and arrival airport. You can choose from Da Nang, Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat and Cam Ranh. Then, you will mention the expected time to receive the approval letter.

- Personal details

You would be asked to offer some basic personal details as well. The form will ask for your full name, date of birth, present nationality, passport number & passport expiration date. Make sure that all the information you provide here is in tune with the details entailed in your passport. Then, if you are traveling with somebody else, you would have to offer details on your fellow traveler as well.

- Contact information

Finally, you would need to provide your contact details. Type your email id and this where you would be receiving your rush visa approval letter. You would be required to offer an alternative email id too. As you submit the form and pay the payment online, the company will contact you through email.

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