February 4, 2020
Meet and Greet

4 Important Advantages of Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Greet

Vietnam is a popular place among tourists from all over the world. Each year thousands of people visit the country, beckoned by the beauty, its colourful streets, its intriguing role in world history and much more. Hence it is obvious that a centrally located airport like that of Tan Son Nhat experiences a lot of crowds each year. If you are visiting the country be it alone or with your family, a good way to deal with the crowd and to ensure that you have zero hassles your way is by opting for the Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Greet service.

What is the Tan Son Nhat Meet and Greet?

The airport meet and greet service allows for ease the passage of foreign tourists through the Airport in Vietnam. Once the visa proceedings are done, visitors would like to experience a hassle-free trip. When you opt for the Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Greet you can easily pass all the lengthy procedures that you have to get through while you are at the airports.

Further, the Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Greet is available both to the incoming passengers as well as the ones who are bound to go out of Vietnam as well.

You don’t have to wait in a long queue to get the clearance. You may simply sit back and relax and you have assistance from the trained staff to take care of all the formalities that are there.

Great advantages of the Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Greet  

The Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Greet service offers you a great number of advantages that you may not find elsewhere. Have a look through the list to find out more about it:

1. It saves you a lot of time:

When you go to any of the busy international airports, you may notice that it takes hours and hours of hopping through the various counters, in order to get through the customs, securities, baggage counters and to have the passports stamped and the like. But when you avail the Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Greet Service you do not have to worry about any of that. You will have assistance from the trained executives who will meet you right at the air bridge. The staff will brief you about the process and help you with the process in an easy and hassle-free way.

2. It is cost effective:

The entire airport meet and greet service is very affordable. What is more, it also gives you a great amount of liberty in terms of choice. If you do not want to opt for the entire range of services, you may simply go for the services that you require and pay accordingly. However, even if you opt for a limited number of service assistance, the staff will be there with you for the entire length of time that you spend at the airport.

3. Easy to access the service:

Perhaps the best part of the airport meet and greet service is that it is available to all and it can be assessed very easily. One may simply request for it while they are putting in their forms for the visa online. If you decide to get the service at the last moment, then you may do that as well. The leading carrier services offer this service right from their own counter. Hence you do not have to go through any kind of additional hassle just in order to request the service.

4. Additional benefits:

If you thought that the Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Greet service will facilitate your time within the airport, then the rage of additional services that you get along with it may compel you to rethink the matter all over again. You can also get additional services such as that of a car from the airport for your pick up or dropping along with baggage porters to escort you till your car.

Now that you are aware of the great advantages of meet and greet, get your visa and avail it on your next Vietnam trip.


Vietnam is a nation that strives to welcome each of its visitors wholeheartedly at each of its airports. Especially, if you turn up at the Tan Son Nhat Airport, you can feel that even more.

Completing your visa formalities is one of the most time-consuming element. It is also one of the complicated aspects of traveling to a new nation.

So, you are planning to visit Vietnam and spend your quality time with your family there. That’s great; you have chosen the right destination for your quality time.

Vietnam’s lush landscapes and good culture are enough to entice any traveller willing to have a refreshing experience. Whether you are visiting the country for leisure or business, Vietnam can certainly make your stay pleasant and memorable.

Travelers often face a lot of difficulties when they have to stay at the airport. One of the busiest airports in Vietnam includes the Tan Son Nhat airport.

It is one of the most common questions asked by many foreigners who visit Vietnam. In fact, many travelers who visit Vietnam find it difficult to complete the visa process on time at the Tan Son Nhat Airport.

Tan Son Nhat international airport is a gateway to the travelers who wish to explore Ho Chi Minh City. The air terminal claimed by the Vietnamese government.