January 24, 2020
Meet and Greet

Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Greet

Tan Son Nhat international airport is a gateway to the travelers who wish to explore Ho Chi Minh City. The air terminal claimed by the Vietnamese government. It is one of the most clamoring Vietnam airports. Here, a large number of travelers travel through the air terminal consistently.

Hence, to keep away from long queues for getting the visa stamp. The airport offers you the customized Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Greet concierge service. The service helps in completing your passport control and visa stamping procedures quickly and stress-free.

Thus, Book concierge Fast track administration to sidestep all problems and inconveniences at the busiest air terminal in Vietnam.

Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Greet service On Arrival

On Arrival, the exceptionally qualified English talking staff invites you at the air terminal. It additionally causes you to go through all visa customs. Thus, it additionally directs through different services according to your necessities and requirements. (And if you have opted the same at an additional charge)

The Fast Track meets and greets service guarantees smooth and safe working all through the air terminal. It also helps in giving help to you (especially if you have travelled a long flight).

The two sorts of services offered are:-

  • Meet and greet-On Arrival, the staff, meet at the arrivals and escorts to the visa and passport control counter. Further, it guarantees a stress free experience.
  • VIP Meet and greet – On Arrival, the staff invites you at the arrival entryway, escorts to the visa and identification control counter. At that point, a porter gathers your luggage, helps with custom, lastly goes with to the booked taxi.

Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Greet service On Departure

Meet and greet service furnishes quick help while completing with all conventions at the transiting or departing counter. Such as the staff will complete your check-in formalities, security, and visa control. Accordingly, it assists with sparing a great deal of significant time in case you don’t have much time.

VIP meets and greets service eon departure- in this, the staff meets at the kerbside, and aids the flight check-in formalities, sidestep the long lines. What’s more, they assist you with completing all your departing formalities. Therefore, it allows you to sit comfortably in the waiting lounge for the flight to board hassle-free.

How to meet and greet service works?

After deciding on visiting Vietnam, at firsts, you need to apply for your Vietnam visa. In case you are travelling via air then Visa on Arrival is the best option for you.

After applying for your visa, opt the Tan Son Nhat International Airport meet and greet service from the agent website.

Besides, fill the accessible online form with the required details as asked.

Subsequently, you will receive the confirmation email regarding the service. Thus, flight subtleties are essential to convey. In case if, there is any change in your plan. Then you are required to convey the changes within 48 hours before the flight.

After your land at Tan Son Nhat air terminal, the administration staff will be standing by to hold your name, welcome board.

Then, provide all the required documents as visa pre-endorsement letter, Passport, passage and leave structure, photographs, and visa tamping amount to the staff.

Inside a couple of seconds, the staff will hand over the Passport with the visa stamp to you.

Finally, Depending on the arrival administration at the booking time, the staff may help with baggage and in passing visa control.

Meet and greet service at Tan Son Nhat International help gives between terminal exchanges as well as book city transportation according to the prerequisites.

The service is exceptionally reasonable for first-time guests, more established individuals, families going with kids, impaired voyagers, group explorers, or flyers discovering corresponding flights. The service helps at each progression and permits you to appreciate a hassle-free transition.

Points to remember

  • If you are searching for an emergency visa. At that point, Visa on Arrival is a superior alternative as an endorsement letter gave inside 2-3 hours. What’s more, the equivalent likewise gave during the ends of the week moreover. You can apply it by the agent site, and you need to get the visa endorsement letter,
  • In the case, that you need a visa for a long haul remain and business purposes. At that point, additionally, a visa on Arrival is also appropriate.
  • If you would prefer not to hold up at Vietnam air terminal or land via land, e-visa is the most ideal approach to acquire your visa to Vietnam.
  • Visa is not required when you are not travelling through a Vietnamese air terminal without entering the nation.

Nowadays, the number of travelers visiting Vietnam has been increased. This is due to the fact that Vietnam has many natural spots to cherish.

Tan son Nhat airport is one of the most visited airports in Vietnam. And due to which you may find the Vietnam Tan Son Nhat Airport as one of the buzziest airports in the world.

Vietnam is blessed with nature’s resources. It has every kind of landscapes, cathedrals, pagodas, towering mountains, lakes, rivers, lush forest and fields of rice, traditional cuisines, shopping, and breath taking scenic views.

Are you looking forward to visiting Vietnam? If yes, then you are in the right place. The article below will provide you with details about the Vietnam immigration fast track in Tan Son Nhat Airport.

The Vietnam visa fast track in Tan Son Nhat Airport service will help you to get the visa at the airport itself. But to get the visa at the airport you need to first avail the service.

We can all agree on one thing – it feels like absolute bliss when you get out of the airport and the cool air carrying the salt and brine hits your face. That is the charm of the beaches, why people flock to the ocean to have a relaxing holiday.

The Ho Chi Minh city is a very prominent city famous for its contribution to the Vietnam War and French colonial landmarks. If you want to explore every nook and corner of this city then you will have to turn up at the Tan Son Nhat airport.