January 21, 2020
Visa Fast Track

Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track for Tan Son Nhat Airport; Things to Know

Applied for the Vietnam visa via visa on arrival to easily apply, and I achieve it. And is there any other way to avoid spending more time in the Tan Son Nhat airport for the visa process? Is this your question? If so, the answer is “YES”! Vietnam visa on arrival fast track for Tan Son Nhat airport will help you with it. With the help of them, you can finish the visa collecting and stamping it at the passport process within 20 minutes without getting into the line. Here all you have to do is, as like as a visa on arrival procedure, you have to apply for the fast track service and pay the service fee online.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track for Tan Son Nhat; the Procedure

Stage 1:

You have to apply for the Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track for Tan Son Nhat airport. For that, you have to fill the accurate details that are in your passport. In addition, you will ask to enter the travelling details. If you in need of a car pick up service, you can add on it. Based on the services you picked, the service fee will get vary.

Finally, you have to pay the service fee via debit or credit card. So, you should have enough money with your card. Remember, if you didn’t make the payment process properly, your process would get hold. So, make the payment correctly. Also, check the details you filled before you make payment.

Stage 2:

Once you successfully submit your application, the professional will check the details and make a note of it. On the arrival date and time you mentioned on the application, the staff will be read at the landing visa counter to welcome you with the named welcome board.

Still, if you can’t be able to find the staff, you can make a call to them. Once you meet the staff, he/she will take you to the airport immigration counter to start their fast track service on collecting and stamping the visa. You have to hand over your passport, visa approved letter, entry-exit application, two passport size photo, and stamping fee (ready cash) to the staff.

Note: You can seek their help for visa entry and exit application filling process.

Stage 3:

The skilled staff will collect your approved visa and pay the stamping fee for stamping your approved visa on your passport. Within 20 minutes, the professionals will hand over your passport with the approved visa stamped.

If you request for the baggage porters and car pick up service, the staff will help lift your luggage and take you to the parking area where your pick up car is parked. Usually, for the people who add on to the car pick up service, the car will be parked outside the arrival terminals. So it will be easy for you to take the car, and even here, you won’t waste your precious time.

Types of Arrival Services

The Vietnam visa on arrival fast track for Tan Son Nhat airport service has totally two options. Both services will help you with obtaining the visa stamps, pick up the luggage, help filling the entry-exit application, and take you to the car pick up service at Vietnam’s Tan Son Nhat International Airports. But, it has some differences that come with its own advantages, and fulfill your personal needs definitely.

Here are the types. 

  1. VIP Fast Track

At the landing gate, the p[professional will wait for you to welcome you. To make them identify for you, they will come up with the welcome board with your name. As per your added service, the professional will behave accordingly. They will take care of your luggage if you request for baggage porters. Then they will finish the visa stamping process with the things that you handover. Finally, the professionals will escort you to the luggage lounge and pick up the belongings for you. Here one of the most important benefits is, in the VIP lounge, snacks and beverages will be ready for VIPs

  1. Normal Fast Track 

Here too, the professional will welcome you with a welcome board that by writing your name. Without making you stand in a long queue, the professionals will get your visa stamped on your passport. Here, you won’t suffer from language barriers, long bypass lines, and wasting time. Within 15 to 20 minutes, your passport with stamped visa will be in your hand.

Wrapping Up

Are you looking to visit Vietnam via Tan Son Nhat Airport, but in need of fast track service? Contact us! With the help of us, you can apply for your Vietnam visa via visa on arrival and can apply for Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track for Tan Son Nhat. We also offer a 100% money back guaranty for the people whose application got rejected by the government or got rejected because of our mistake.


Nowadays, the number of travelers visiting Vietnam has been increased. This is due to the fact that Vietnam has many natural spots to cherish.

Tan son Nhat airport is one of the most visited airports in Vietnam. And due to which you may find the Vietnam Tan Son Nhat Airport as one of the buzziest airports in the world.

Vietnam is blessed with nature’s resources. It has every kind of landscapes, cathedrals, pagodas, towering mountains, lakes, rivers, lush forest and fields of rice, traditional cuisines, shopping, and breath taking scenic views.

Are you looking forward to visiting Vietnam? If yes, then you are in the right place. The article below will provide you with details about the Vietnam immigration fast track in Tan Son Nhat Airport.

The Vietnam visa fast track in Tan Son Nhat Airport service will help you to get the visa at the airport itself. But to get the visa at the airport you need to first avail the service.

We can all agree on one thing – it feels like absolute bliss when you get out of the airport and the cool air carrying the salt and brine hits your face. That is the charm of the beaches, why people flock to the ocean to have a relaxing holiday.

The Ho Chi Minh city is a very prominent city famous for its contribution to the Vietnam War and French colonial landmarks. If you want to explore every nook and corner of this city then you will have to turn up at the Tan Son Nhat airport.

Vietnam is simply beautiful as it has every kind of natural landscape all within one country. You could see the towering mountains with lush forest, and lakes, rivers, and fields of rice.

Tan Son Nat international airport conveniently located for travelers who are visiting Ho Chi Minh City. It is also an option for those who are looking to roam the places around Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.