January 18, 2020
Meet and Assist

About the Hanoi Airport Meet and Assist

Treat yourself like a privileged individual by opting for the meet and assist service at the airport. Thus, meet and assist is one of the VIP concierge services available at almost every airport around the world. In the same manner, if you are visiting Vietnam, then it is advisable to opt for the same due to the occupancy rate of Vietnam airports.

There are around three Vietnam international airports, which are one of the buzziest airports around the year. Thus, you will always find the long queues at the airport. It is because Hanoi is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Vietnam. Therefore, most of the travelers start their expedition via Hanoi only.

Hanoi airport meet and assist service

The Hanoi airport meets and assists service is the exceptional service offers to the people who are visiting Vietnam. Thus in order to manage the Vietnam immigration procedure and to complete all the related formalities. The service helps the visitors to avoid the busy queues for getting the visa stamp at the airport.

On average, it would take around 3-4 hours to get your visa stamp at the land visa counter at the airport. But with the meet and assist service, you will receive your visa stamp with the passport within 10-15 minutes only. Therefore, it is also known as the fast track Vietnam visa service. It is an ideal option to opt for the individuals who don’t want to stand in long queues or don’t want to waste their valuable time for the same. Thus the list of few individuals is:

  • Buzzy professionals as well as businessmen’s
  • Females with infants
  • Elderly individuals
  • Pregnant ladies
  • First-time visitors
  • Group travelers

There are two types of meet and assist services available at the Vietnam airport, such as:

  • Standard meet and assist service
  • VIP meets and assists service

Thus, you can opt-out of the two types to manage or complete your immigration procedure at the Vietnam Hanoi airport. The service is only applicable when you are arriving in Vietnam with the visa on arrival visa type. Therefore, after arriving at the airport, you need to get the visa stamp on your passport via a land visa counter center available at the airport.

Working mechanism of meet and assist service

Your service staff will meet you directly at the arrival gate of the terminal, or in some cases, they will meet or welcomes you at the entrance of your aircraft. He/she hold a board with a separately structured invite sign, including your name, to meet you. You, at that point, went with through the different checkpoints (security, visa control, customs, and gear guarantee) and to the arrivals region where your companion/driver is sitting tight for you.

On Arrival Procedure:

  • A warm assisting and escort on landing noticeably all around connect until outside the terminal.
  • Quick track administration through all arrival conventions (Immigration, passport control and customs freedom you sit and your escort will present to you your visa, and you are en route)
  • Help with baggage collection.

Service on Departures

  • Customized escort from the departure region, when getting off the vehicle.
  • Fast track through check-in, immigration, passport control conventions.
  • Escort to the departure gate.

Turnaround time for procedures

  • Clearing movement and customs: from 5 minutes to 10 minutes rather than 1 hour or more in queue migration.
  • Baggage carousel: from 10 minutes – 20 minutes

Advantages of Hanoi Airport Meet and Assist service

The Hanoi Airport Meet and Assist service are snappy and straightforward. Additionally, they are reasonable, and one can undoubtedly get them by booking on the web. The clients don’t have to remain in lines for quite a long time. It is best for the specialist, and the explorers on travel visas. They can overcome every one of the methodologies inside no time and arrive at their next goal on schedule. Additionally, the service is an unquestionable requirement for pregnant women and the old. They get help directly from the beginning of their adventure at the air terminal.

Notwithstanding, explorers in gatherings or with kids can likewise profit by the service. With kids, it gets hard to follow constantly expending methodology. Be that as it may, with the service, one can take a load off the entire everything is finished by the staff. Also, these services enable clients to have a serene voyage at the air terminal.

The Hanoi Airport Meet and assist additionally give luggage porter services. The porter will meet you when you enter the air terminal and help you towards collecting your baggage. Thus, it allows you not to stress over the baggage carousel zone or at the time of departure baggage check-in.

The service is optional to choose, and one should opt for the same in accordance with their budget. Thus, don’t waste your time in the queues.


People love traveling when it comes to having fun. Thrill-seeking youngsters often prefer places where they can have a trip full of adventures and enjoyment.

Hanoi Airport Meet and Assist service is a personal VIP service that travelers can avail from Hanoi airport, also known as the Noi Bai International Airport. If you will sign up for this service, they will send a professional greeter to welcome you as you arrive in Hanoi.