December 2, 2019
Visa Fast Track

Advantages of Using the Vietnam Visa Fast Track in Noi Bai Airport

If you plan on exploring the northern part of Vietnam and see the beautiful Halong Bay, then you should book a flight going to Noi Bai Airport. This is the main airport that serves the capital city of Hanoi and the northern areas of the country. But this also means that the airport is often very busy. You can expect long lines at the security, immigration, and most especially at the visa counter. If you don’t want to waste your precious time, you might want to avail of the Vietnam visa fast track in Noi Bai Airport.

What Is the Vietnam Visa Fast Track in Noi Bai Airport?

The Vietnam Visa Fast Track Services are aimed at helping foreign travelers in the processing of their visa to Vietnam. But they will not only assist you with your visa, but they will also expedite the processing. Therefore, you will not be spending hours at the visa counter. With their help, you could get your visa stamp in as fast as 10 minutes!

They also offer several other services for your comfort and convenience in passing at Noi Bai Airport. For instance, you can book the VIP Fast Track service, which also includes additional services aside from visa assistance. With this service, an agent will personally meet you as you arrive at the airport. He or she will then process your visa on your behalf. After that, the agent will escort you in passing at the fast track lane in immigration. There will also be a porter who will assist with your luggage. You will basically be treated like a VIP if you will sign up for this service.

What are the Advantages of Using the Vietnam Visa Fast Track Service?

The biggest advantage of using the Vietnam visa fast track in Noi Bai Airport is that it will save you a lot of time at the airport. As one of Vietnam’s busiest airports, you could get stuck for hours at Noi Bai Airport if you arrive at about the same time as other foreign passengers! Here are more advantages to using fast track services:

  • No queuing – it’s such a frustrating experience to be met with a long queue coming from a tiring flight. No one wants to line up for an hour just to get a visa stamp, especially when arriving in the middle of the night. But with the fast track service, you don’t have to queue since they can bypass the line for you.
  • Visa assistance – the main goal of the Vietnam Visa Fast Track in Noi Bai Airport is to help foreign travelers in the processing of their visas. This is a very useful service since processing your Vietnam visa would require submitting paperwork and other requirements. They are experts in this field and will advise you ahead of what requirements are needed to avoid delays in the processing of your Vietnam visa.
  • Professional staff – you will be met by a professional staff at the airport when you book the Visa Fast Track Service. They speak good English and will be happy to assist you with anything. If you’re traveling Vietnam for the first time and afraid of the language barrier, this service will surely be a big help. They will make sure to let you feel comfortable as you pass through Noi Bai Airport so your holiday to Vietnam will be more enjoyable.

How To Book the Vietnam Visa Fast Track Service

To book the Vietnam Visa Fast Track in Noi Bai Airport, simply choose the Fast Track option when you apply for a visa on arrival. Make sure you fill out the form with your complete name, birthdate, passport number, and other important details. You need to also indicate the details of your flight. It’s very important to provide them your flight number and estimated date and time of arrival. That way, they can arrange for an agent to meet you upon your arrival.

Once you submit your booking request, you’ll receive an email confirmation. All you need to do is fly to Noi Bai Airport. When you arrive at the airport, look for the agent who will be holding a banner with your name. Approach the agent and you will then be directed towards the counter for your visa processing. Provide the agent the requirements including your passport. Sit and relax as you wait for the agent to come back.

In only a few minutes, you’ll get your passport back with a visa stamp. If you have chosen the VIP Fast Track Service, the agent will then guide you towards the fast track lane at the passport control, security gate, and until you reach the luggage lounge. A porter will also be there to help carry your stuff.


If you’re flying to Hanoi soon, you might want to know about the Noi Bai Airport Fast Track Services. The Hanoi airport, also known as the Noi Bai International Airport, is one of the busiest airports in Vietnam.