January 21, 2020
Meet and Assist

Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Assist

Cam Ranh International Airport is perhaps the busiest air terminal in Vietnam, with a huge number of Travelers getting to the nation through this air terminal consistently.

The meet and assist concierge service ensures to lift the experience for Travelers and assist them with traversing the air terminal by meeting all the immigration needs with expert help.

The service allows you to quickly enter or leaves the country without hassling through immigration or check-in formalities. Therefore, the guidelines below enable you to get an idea about the benefits, and use of the Cam Ranh Airport meet and assist service.

The service is entirely optional to the travelers and can be booked at the time you apply for your Visa on arrival visa type. The service can be booked online from the agent website.

Who should Book Meet and Assist Concierge Service?

First-time travelers landing in Vietnam can get proficient help from the authorities of the meet and assist concierge service, with the goal that they’d effectively overcome the conventions and forestall any complexities.

Business experts who don’t have adequate time to experience the air terminal conventions can Fast track the procedure with the help of the administration delegates.

The administrations gave via prepared and ensured staff. You could thoroughly depend upon them for any help with going through the air terminal.

How the Meet and Assist Service works During Arrival

If you have booked your flight and Visa on arrival visa to enter Vietnam. Then after you land at the Cam Ranh International Airport, opt for the meet and assist concierge service.

The service can opt any time before 24 hours preceding the date of Arrival. These are the offices you could appreciate with the meet and assist concierge service:

  • After you land at the air terminal, an agent will invite you.
  • This individual will accompany you from the air scaffold to the air terminal. At the point when you get into the air terminal. Then the agent will help you in satisfying the legitimate conventions that should be finished.
  • A porter will convey your baggage, and they will help you in asserting the equivalent.
  • At the point when done, you could be making a beeline for the arrival corridor. The staff will convey your baggage and burden it in the vehicle sitting tight for you.
  • All your immigration needs completing with the help of the agent. The service staff also deals with your baggage and helps in making your travel experience completely hassle-free.

How the Meet and Assist Service works During Departure

The Cam Ranh International Airport additionally gives the meet and assists concierge service for departing travelers as well. The service can be reserved at any rate of 24 hours before your flight departure. Following are the benefits furnished with this administration:

  • At the point when you arrive at the flight lobby, an agent will invite you.
  • They help you to process the easy check-in for Departure. The staff will enable you to out. Thus, you could abstain from remaining in the line.
  • Every convention related to flight will be finished with master help from the delegate. It is necessary to guarantee that things are complete Fast.
  • The staff will also attach a customized label to your baggage. Thus, it will make the process more comfortable when you reach your destination.
  • You will then make your relax and sit comfortably to wait for your flight departure. Thus, the service staff will handle all the departing formalities quickly.

What is VIP meet and assist service?

Take it up an indent by picking the VIP meet and assist concierge service. VIP administrations ought to be reserved in any event three days before your Arrival to or Departure from the air terminal. Here are the accompanying advantages:

  • The delegate will sit tight for you, holding a flag with your name. This causes you to distinguish the individual quickly.
  • Fast track helps to assist you with exploring through the customs.
  • Your baggage conveyed and asserted for your sake.
  • You could even book an escort driven vehicle for an extra charge.

What are the benefits of opting for the Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Assist service?

In the case that you would prefer not to get bothered when passing the Airport. At that point, you can take the administration offered by Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet.

This applies to guardians going with their children, requiring help. This likewise applies to Businessmen and individuals who travel for work. Individuals with constrained versatility and the elders can also consider utilizing Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet.

The highest advantage of utilizing Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Assist is that you will have the option to spare a sensible measure of time when going to the Airport.

Thus, it allows you to sit comfortably when somebody is taking care of your needs. Then you can appreciate a hassle-free service going through air terminal customs.


All of us know how important a visa is to enter a foreign country but to get the visa it might take a long time. That is why the Vietnam immigration fast track in Cam Ranh Airport services is there to help you to get the visa when you are traveling to Vietnam.

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If you are traveling to the Nha Trang city of Vietnam to enjoy the coastal beauty of the country, then the easiest way to reach is by arriving at the Cam Ranh Airport. It is the nearby airport to reach the coastal beach zone of Vietnam.