December 27, 2019
Meet and Assist

Da Nang Airport Meet and Assist – Everything You Need to Know

Da Nang International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Vietnam, as millions of travellers visit the beloved city of Da Nang. Da Nang airport is committed to offer travellers a hassle-free experience when they arrived in Vietnam. With the Da Nang Airport meet and assist service, pretty much any traveller such as the elderly, the disabled, kids, and others can seek assistance as soon as they arrive or depart. Here’s what you need know:

Apply for a Visa First:

If you are willing to travel to Vietnam, you should apply for a Vietnam visa first.  Vietnam visa application is easy with the Visa on Arrival program. All you need to do is to visit the website of a trustworthy visa agency, and apply for your preferred visa. When your application is accepted, you will receive an approval letter on your email. This letter shall be used to get your visa stamped when you arrive at the Vietnam airport.

Meet and Assist Service During Arrival:

Any passenger arriving at the Da Nang international airport can opt for the meet and assist service. With this service, a representative will welcome and take you to the passport control, and customs, while also taking care of your luggage. The representative will hold a welcome banner with your name in it, to help you identify the person offering the service. Meet and Assist is offered in different packages at varied price points, and they are:

  • Standard welcome service
  • Business class welcome service
  • VIP welcome service

The standard welcome service will have the following:

  1. Welcome passengers when they arrive at the gate
  2. Escort and help them with luggage claim
  3. Lead them to taxi

The Business class welcome service comes with additional perks such as the following:

  1. Welcome passengers and provide quality assistance in fulfilling the formalities
  2. Help passengers get through the fast track lane
  3. Assist them with the luggage claim
  4. Help them with immigration and customs formalities
  5. Lead them to taxi

The VIP welcome service will provide passengers with the following facilities:

  1. Welcome passengers as they arrive
  2. Assist them with visa processing and luggage claim
  3. Help passengers get through the fast track lane
  4. Provide assistance with the airport entry procedure
  5. Assist them for luggage claim
  6. Lead passengers to the waiting taxi

Da Nang international airport not just offers the meet and assist service for travellers arriving in Vietnam. Travellers can expect good quality service when they depart as well.

Meet and Assist During Departure:

The departure service will be provided when you reach the departure hall of the airport. A representative will come to help you check-in for the flight. They will take care of your luggage and get you to the check-in counter. Also, they will escort you through the airport security, passport control, and then to the waiting lounge. Da Nang International Airport is committed to provide a comfortable experience for passengers leaving Vietnam. Similar to the arrival service, the departure meet and assist also comes with different packages as follows:

  • Standard farewell service
  • Business class farewell service
  • VIP farewell service

The standard farewell service comes with the following:

  1. A representative will welcome you to the departure hall
  2. They will escort you to the check-in counter and help you with check-in procedure
  3. You’d be taken to the private lounge where you can wait for your flight

A business class farewell service provides the following perks:

  1. A representative will welcome you as you arrive at the departure hall
  2. Assistance will be offered with the check-in procedure
  3. They will help you follow the exit procedure at the immigration
  4. You’ll be escorted to the waiting lounge for you to rest and wait for your flight

A VIP farewell service will have the following facilities:

  1. The company offering meet and assist service will know beforehand about your departure, and perform the check in procedure for you
  2. They will welcome you when you arrive at the departure hall
  3. You don’t have to carry your luggage as the service will handle the same. They will take you to the check-in counter
  4. The staff will lead you to the lounge, where you can take rest and wait

Passengers can expect a great level of comfort and convenience when they are in Vietnam. Da Nang Airport meet and assist will be mentally helpful for those coming to Vietnam for the first time. You won’t be lost as the representatives will make the experience less intimidating for you. Get in touch with a qualified visa agency to book your Vietnam visa today.


Da Nang Airport Meet and Assist is a service offered to passengers arriving at the International Airport of Da Nang and is in need of assistance. This service applies to travelers with kids, elderly travelers, persons will disability, and pretty much anyone who require assistance.

If you want to get the most out of your holiday in Vietnam, make sure you include Da Nang in your itinerary. Da Nang is a beautiful coastal city located in the central part of the country.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam is Hoi An. It’s a beautiful ancient city known for its colorful street lanterns and old colonial buildings.

The Da Nang Airport Fast Track Service helps foreign tourists flying to Da Nang, Vietnam in the quick and hassle-free processing of their visas. Da Nang is one of the most visited cities in Vietnam.