April 16, 2021
Visa Extension

How to Hire An agent for Your Visa Extension in Hoi An City

Many foreigners are living in Hoi An City, and it’s easy to see why. This beautiful town has a fascinating history that dates back to the 15th Century. Its streets are lined with French colonial-style buildings, old shophouses, and beautiful temples. At night, the town shines beautifully as its streets are filled with colorful lanterns.

For those who wanted to stay longer in Hoi An, getting your visa extended is important. As you know, your visa will only let you stay in the country for a limited time. In order not to be charged with overstaying, you should apply for a Vietnam visa extension. The easiest way to apply for a visa extension is through an agent. There are agents in Vietnam that can assist foreigners who need to extend their stay in the country.

What is a Visa Extension?

Before you apply for a visa extension, it’s important that you know exactly what a visa extension is and how you can benefit from this. Visa extension is a process of extending your visa’s validity. In doing so, you’ll be able to stay in Vietnam for much longer than the visa’s original validity. For instance, you have a 30-day tourist visa, but you believe that 30 days is not enough for your stay in Hoi An, you can get the visa extended for 30 more days. That way, you can stay in Hoi An for a total of 60 days.

Remember that with a visa extension, you cannot request for the validity to be extended for more than the original validity period. Therefore, with a 30-day tourist visa, you can only request an extension of 30 days or less. In addition, foreigners will only be allowed to extend their visas up to two times.

When applying for a visa extension in Hoi An, you will be asked to submit your passport and visa copy. You can apply directly from the Vietnam Immigration Office in Da Nang, which is the nearest Immigration Office in Hoi An. If you want an easier and faster way to get your visa extension approved, hire an agent that specializes in the processing of visas in Vietnam.

Da Nang Immigration Office

How To Hire an Agent for your Visa Extension?

But how do you hire an agent for your visa extension? Here are the steps to help you with this.

👉 1. First of all, go online and search for agents that can process different kinds of Vietnam visas. You’ll certainly find lots of them online. However, make sure you choose the agent with a good reputation and offers legitimate services. Check each of their websites and read more about them. If possible, call them to find out if they are a real company.

👉 2. Once you found the right agent to hire, send them a message to inquire. Find out what’s the process of applying for a visa extension and what requirements you need to submit. Since you will be charged the processing fee, you must also ask the agent about it. That way, you will know how much money to prepare.

👉 3. In most cases, the agent will ask you to fill out the application form (Form NA5 for visa extension). They will also ask you to send your passport and visa to them. These requirements will be forwarded to the Vietnam Immigration Office for your visa extension to be processed. Sometimes, the Vietnam Immigration Office might ask you to submit additional supporting documents. The agent will relay this to you and will assist you in securing these documents.

👉 4. The standard processing time for visa extension is about a week or two. But if you need it sooner since your visa is already expiring, you can have it expedited by paying additional fees. The agent should be able to facilitate the rush processing of your visa extension.

Benefits of Hiring an Agent for Your Visa Extension in Hoi An City

Although you can apply for the visa extension directly from the Vietnam Immigration Office, you might find the process very complicated. But if you will go through an agent, the process will be simpler and faster. All you need to do is to fill out the application form and provide the requirements.

If you will go through an agent, they will facilitate the processing of the visa extension and will make sure that it will be approved as soon as possible. Their services do not cost a lot of money, yet you can greatly benefit from their assistance. With their help, your visa will be extended before its expiry date, which saves you a lot of money from having to pay the expensive penalty that comes with overstaying. So if you’re thinking of staying longer in Vietnam and your visa is due to expire, you should start looking for an agent now!

If you have any unclear point, feel free to ask before leaving home : info@vietnamvisa.cheap


Hoi An City is a popular destination for tourists. Some foreign tourists have also chosen to live in this beautiful town.

If you are a foreigner living in Hoi An, Vietnam, then you are surely aware that your stay in the country is very limited. So if you plan to stay in Hoi An a little bit longer, you need to get your visa extended.

Hoi An is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam, and it’s easy to see why. This well-preserved ancient town serves as an important trading port during the 15th century.