February 16, 2021
Covid 19

The Immigration Of Vietnam Resumes Visa Application for Business Purpose

Vietnam is now allowing the entry of foreign visitors, but only if their purpose of the visit is essential, such as doing business in the country. And in order to prevent the potential transmission of the Covid-19 virus, the Vietnamese authorities have put in place some special procedures for the entry of business people.

As stated in the official letter issued by the Vietnamese Government, all business visitors must have the appropriate visa and get a special permit to be allowed entry into the country. They must also pre-arrange a suitable facility for their quarantine. The quarantine period will last for 14 days and it must be done in a government-designated hotel. This will be paid by the visitor or the company that will sponsor the foreign visitor’s entry into the country.

One of the most important requirements that foreigners must have in order to be allowed entry to Vietnam to conduct business is the visa. Right now, the issuance of a visa on arrival has been suspended so the only way to get your visa is to apply through a Vietnam embassy or consulate.

Who Can Enter Vietnam In This Covid 19 Season?

Applying for Entry Permission and Visa from the Immigration of Vietnam

The process of applying for a business visa is somewhat different now due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There are additional requirements that foreign visitors must fulfill to be allowed entry into the country. Here are the steps:

  • 👉 Step 1 – The sponsor company must send a request letter to the local authority of the province where the foreign visitor intends to visit. For instance, if the foreign visitor is going to Hanoi, then the sponsor company must send the letter to the People’s Committee of Hanoi. The local committee will also forward the letter to the provincial Dept. of Health before issuing an entry approval. It is the Dept. of Health that will approve the foreign visitor’s quarantine facility.
  • 👉 Step 2 – Next, the sponsor company must send in an application to Vietnam Immigration for entry permission and visa approval.
  • 👉 Step 3 – After receiving the entry permit and visa copy, the foreign business person must undergo a Covid-19 PCR test 3 to 7 days before flying into Vietnam. The test should be taken from an authorized laboratory of the country where the foreigner will fly from. When checking in for the flight, the visitor must present a negative result of the Covid-19 test. Without this, the airline will refuse the passenger from boarding the flight.

Requirements for Boarding the Flight

The Vietnamese government has required airlines to ensure that all foreign passengers going to Vietnam have the necessary requirement to enter the country. So before boarding your flight, you are required to submit the following:

  • Confirmed flight ticket
  • Passport
  • Approval letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department for Business Visa
  • Approval from the local People’s Committee and Health Department
  • Hotel confirmation for the quarantine including pre-booked vehicle.
  • Travel insurance that includes coverage for Covid-19 treatment. Without insurance, the sponsor company must commit to paying all the expenses that will be incurred for treatment in case the foreign visitor gets sick.
  • A negative result of the Covid-19 PCR test

What to Expect Upon Arrival in Vietnam

On arrival at the airport in Vietnam, all foreign business people and other visitors who are eligible for entry will be subjected to a 14-day hotel quarantine. At the airport, all visitors will be asked to undergo medical screening, including temperature checks. Asymptomatic passengers will immediately be isolated from the rest.

Those who are not showing any symptoms can proceed directly to Passport Control in order to be stamped for entry into the country. After taking their baggage, they must immediately proceed to the pre-booked vehicle that will take them to their hotel for quarantine. All visitors must stay in their hotel for the entire duration of their quarantine. They are not allowed to go out, except for medical emergencies. The local health authorities will monitor their health while in quarantine and they will be tested at least twice during their isolation. Only when the results are negative will they be allowed to end their isolation and move freely in Vietnam.

Using an Agency to Apply for a Business Visa

Getting a business visa to Vietnam these days is somewhat complicated. There are several additional requirements that one must fulfill before they can be allowed to enter the country. Using the services of a local agency can make the process smoother and easier. The agency will coordinate with the Immigration of Vietnam for the application of your business visa. They will help you in acquiring the requirements needed, including the booking of your hotel for quarantine. All you need to do is to fill out the business visa application form and give them a copy of your passport and other requirements. Using the agency is also recommended to those who do not have a sponsor company but are eligible to enter the country.

Immigration and Visa Services for Foreigners Working in Vietnam During Covid-19 Season

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