January 29, 2020
Vietnam Landing Visa

Vietnam Landing Visa in Long Thanh Airport; Tips To Apply 

Long Thanh International Airport is an international airport planned for construction in Long Thanh, Dong Nai, Vietnam. It has been approved to start construction by the Vietnamese government on April 1, 2021. Also, it is stated Long Thành international airport will open its doors by 2025 at the latest and will handle 25 million passengers and 1.2 million tonnes of goods a year once the first phase is completed. So, if you planned to take your honey to Long Thanh, in 2025, you can make it possible with a Vietnam visa. For applying for your visa, you can opt Vietnam landing visa in Long Thanh.

Why Vietnam Landing Visa in Long Thanh? 

If you are planning to apply for your visa in a convenient way, then choosing Vietnam landing visa in Long Thanh will be the smart choice. Wondering why? We have listed some of the reasons why people choose Vietnam landing visa for visa applying process.

  1. You can apply or your visa online and by yourself
  2. No necessary to visit the embassy and stand in a long line
  3. Here, you don’t have to submit your original documents since it is an online method to apply for a visa.
  4. Your visa will approve within a day (if you opt to rush service)
  5. Your 100% of your money will be refunded if your visa rejected by the government of Vietnam.
  6. You have four different types of visa to choose from.
  7. You have multi enter and a single entry in both business and tourist purpose visa type.
  8. Here from one month to three months, there are four different types of visa again in both business and tourist purpose.
  9. You can add on to the express service based on your needs.
  10. All your details will be safe and secured. Without your permission, they won’t show up.
  11. You can also apply for fast track service next to the visa approval letter you receive.
  12. The staffs will clear all your doubts from applying for a visa to visiting Vietnam and meet the professionals for fast track service.
  13. You can make the payment into two sections. 1st section is while applying for your visa, and others while collecting and stamping the visa process at the international airport of Vietnam.
  1. You can pay the first set fee via debit or credit card. And make the second set of via ready USD cash.
  2. Within 30 minutes, you can finish applying for your visa.

What is Vietnam fast track Service? 

Vietnam fast track service is arranged for the Vietnam visitor to make their visa collect, stamping process, luggage lifting, and car pick service easy. Yes, fast track service is designed for you. Once you apply for their service, you can avail that service.

Once you apply for y our fast track service, on your arrival day in Vietnam, the staff will welcome you to Vietnam by with the welcome board where your name will be written. You can make a call even if you find them. They will meet you and explain the process. You have to hand over the passport, two copy of your photo, entry-exit application, stamping fee and most importantly, visa approved letter. The professional will finish the visa collecting and stamping process and give your passport to you within 20 minutes. Then they will help you with carrying the luggage and escort you. Finally, they will also take you to the parking area where your pick up car is parked.

 Usually, fast track Service includes, 

  1. Welcoming you at the airport
  2. Carrying your luggage
  3. Visa collecting and stamping
  4. Car pick up service
  5. Escort you in airport
  6. Provide snacks and drink for refreshment

Who Can Opt For Visa Via Vietnam Landing Visa, And Fast Track Service? 

Usually, all people who visit to visit Vietnam can opt for Vietnam landing visa in Long Thanh and can opt fast track service. Some people are recommended most for this service. Those are discuses here.

  1. Women with her kid
  2. Women who are pregnant
  3. The businessman who has no time to finish this process.
  4. People whose time is running
  5. Elders, disable people, children
  6. People who travel with the group
  7. Celebrates
  8. And people who wish to treat like a VIP

But, you have to apply for it 4 hours before you get into the flight. Also, if you have any changes any other details in the application, you have to inform before that same 4 hours.

Wrap Up 

Are you looking to apply for your Vietnam visa Vietnam landing visa in Long Thanh, and accordingly apply for the fast track service? Contact us, start to apply for your Vietnam visa at our 100% risk-free website. We also offer 100% money back guaranty if any case the visa got rejected.


Vietnam welcomes more and more tourist every year. So to make the visa application process smoother, the government has implemented e-visa option from February 2017.