January 29, 2020
Vietnam Landing Visa

Vietnam Landing Visa To Ha Long City Airport; Make A Visit Successful Now!

Is visiting Ha Long City your dream for the long run, but doesn’t able to make it possible till now because of the lengthy and stressful visa applying process? No need to hold your dream now! Yes, now you can smartly apply for your visa in this digital world, and book your Vietnam visa within 30 minutes. All you have to do is, fill your details, and pay the service fee by in home. With the visa approved pass you get, you can collect and stamp your visa at the international airport of Vietnam in Ha Long City once you reach there. So, what is the option called? Its “Vietnam landing visa to Ha Long City.” To learn more, read more!

Vietnam Landing Visa To Ha Long City Airport; the Smart Way to Book Your Visa

Vietnam landing visa is also called as the “Vietnam visa on arrival”. This method is completely an online way to book for a Vietnam visa, and getting the visa approval pass. Via this method, you can book for your visa in your home without anyone’s help. If you have any doubts related to booking for your visa, you can contact the travel agency that you hire for apply for your visa via Vietnam landing visa to Ha Long City Airport.

“So, why it is called as a smart way to apply for a Vietnam visa other than applying in embassy and vie e-visa?” Probably, this may be your question right now! This is what we have discusses here!

One of the most important reasons why Vietnam landing visa is a smart way to apply for your Vietnam visa is, with this method, you can apply for your Vietnam visa via online, and can collect your approved visa at your destination airport. Another reason is, you can apply for the tract track service for visa collecting process at the airport, and make use of their service to escort you.

Benefits of Applying for a visa via Vietnam landing visa Method 

  1. You can apply for your visa by in your home and can ignore visiting embassy.
  2. Via this method, you won’t ask to submit your original documents. All you want to do is, fill the application with the data in the original documents.
  3. Don’t need to stand in a long line for long to apply for your visa. Just a click, filling, and submitting is enough.
  4. It comes with an easy payment method. 1st set Vietnam visa fee as service fee can pay using debit or credit card, and 2nd set Vietnam visa fee as stamping fee with ready cash.
  5. Applying for a Vietnam visa is time-saving here. Within thirty minutes, you can complete applying for your visa.
  6. You don’t have to visit the embassy to collect your approved visa. You can collect your approved visa at your destination airport with the help of fast track service staffs.
  7. The staffs of the travel agency will help clear all your doubts on applying for a visa, and about the travelling doubts.
  8. Your data will be 100% safe and secure. Without your permission, they won’t display it.
  9. The professional at the back end will work hard to get your visa approved as soon as possible. Also, send the approved visa letter once the visa gets approved without any delay.
  10. Your 100% money will be refunded in the case of Vietnam application rejection.

This is the reason why Vietnam landing visa to Ha Long city is called as a smart way to apply for the Vietnam visa, and now popular among people.

Applying for Visa via Visa on Arrival 

  1. Find a 100% risk-free website
  2. Fill the details in the original documents.
  3. Fill the travelling and visa details
  4. Attach the data needed
  5. Make the payment
  6. Submit the application

Within two or three working days your visa will get approved, and the pass of the visa approval letter will send to you.

Applying for Fast Track Service 

  1. Fill the details that are in your passport
  2. Fill the flight details and timing
  3. Add on to the car pick up and baggage porters if needed
  4. Submit the application by paying for it.

Only the professionals receive your application, all the arrangement will be made that you are requesting for at the day you land in Vietnam. From welcoming you to getting you to the parking area, all the work will be done by the fast track professional. But, if there are any changes in the details you send, you should inform them 4 hrs before your flight.

The Bottom Line

So, are you looking to apply for your visa and make your dream true for visiting Ha Long city? Then contact us, and start applying for your visa via Vietnam landing visa to Ha Long city airport in our 100% risk-free website.


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