January 25, 2020
Airport Fast Track

What is the Need for VIP Fast Track Service through Cat Bi Airport?

Vietnam is a country with a varied cultural heritage and a number of tourist attractions. So, a huge number of tourists plan to travel to Vietnam to spend their holidays. Also, Vietnam is a leading commercial center and business people fly every day to Vietnam to attend a conference or an event. With a huge number of people taking flight as a mode of transport, they face many difficulties in the immigration. The process is lengthy and gets delayed. In order to avoid this, VIP fast track service through Cat Bi Airport is recommended.

What is the Need for VIP Fast Track Service through Cat Bi Airport?

If you are frustrated with the immigration process at the airport, you can opt for VIP fast track service to speed up the process and get your visa quickly. When you choose a VIP fast track service, a staff will be assigned to receive you at the airport and help you get your visa stamp and sticker. For this, you don’t have to wait in queue as other travelers do. The whole process takes only five to ten minutes when you register VIP fast track service. You baggage will also be handled by the staff from the agency.

The Reasons to Use VIP Fast Track Service

VIP fast track service is a convenient process that allows visitors to get their visa stamp and sticker quickly at the airport. It is also considered to be the best way to secure visa and save more time. Some of the reasons to use VIP fast track service are,


Say, you are travelling from a far country and have suffered long flights. Would you love to wait in long queue to get you visa stamp and sticker for hours? Definitely no! But, with a VIP fast track service, you don’t have to wait in long queue or waste your time one juggling between getting visa stamp and sticker. The staff assigned by the agency will help you to obtain the stamp and sticker.

Boarding Gate

You will be received at the gate by the staff and their helping hand stretches to the very first stage of your arrival. They will big you up, collect your baggage, get visa stamp and sticker, and guide your way out the airport.


The VIP fast track service is completely customizable. You can choose to skip any of the added advantages of this service. For example, if you don’t want them to arrange transportation to your hotel, you can explain them that you don’t need it. They will skip it and take care of only the other immigration processes in the airport.

People Who Can Use VIP Fast Track Service


Businessmen are always the ‘busy bees’ and they won’t get a single minute to stand and stare what’s happening around them. With heavy competition out there, they are always in a hurry to achieve things. So, if you are hurrying up for an important meeting in Vietnam the next morning, and you don’t have enough time to clear the immigration process, you can get help from VIP fast track service. They will assist you throughout the process and gets you the visa stamp and sticker in no time.

Infants, Pregnant Ladies, Elderly

Infants, elderly, and pregnant ladies can’t stand in long queue and hence need assistance to complete the entire immigration process. With the help of fast track service, the whole process will be completed within minutes.

Transit within a Tight Timeline

If you have another flight very soon, and you don’t have enough time to complete the normal immigration process, you can get help from the VIP fast track service to finish the process soon. They will make everything work out for you even in hard times.

Not only these people could use fast track service but also anyone who is not willing to waste time standing in line can opt for VIP fast track service.

Steps to Apply for a Fast Track Service

To apply for a fast track service, there are three simple steps.

Step 1

Fill out an online application with the required details.

Step 2

Make the payment online and double check the information given including your name, flight number, date of travel, and more.

Step 3

Take your flight to Vietnam and the staff from the agency will receive you at the airport. They will welcome you and assist you throughout the immigration process.

Payment Options

The payment for VIP fast track service through Cat Bi Airport is affordable and help you save time spend on airport. You can pay the payment for the service online. You can also pay the stamping fee along with this fee. If you want to request a refund, you must intimate the agency 24 hours before departure. Otherwise, the refund is not guaranteed.


Numerous travelers visit Vietnam yearly. Vietnam is one of the regions in Southeast Asia which is come to many natural places that attract many tourists annually.