January 25, 2020
Airport Fast Track

Why VIP fast track service through Hai Phong City Airport?

Did you know airports can be frustrating for most of the travelers? Nay – not really the airport but the airport procedures. Say, a visitor is embarking a long travel from a different country to Vietnam, in spite of the long flight time, they must stand in long line to get their visa stamped and finish other immigration checks. This is overwhelming and visitors have to find an alternative solution to wasting too much time waiting at airport. Thus, VIP fast track service through Hai Phong City Airport is introduced.

 Why VIP fast track service through Hai Phong City Airport?

As stated earlier, many visitors feel it very difficult to get through all the tedious procedure of waiting in long queue to get their passport stamped and complete all the procedures in passport control. This kills their precious time otherwise invested in useful activities. It also adds more to their travel stress.

How It Helps?

VIP fast track service in Hai Phong City Airport provides the visitors a great relief from standing in queue in order to get their visa stamp and complete other procedures. The staff assigned from the fast track will help them complete all the formalities in a priority line which saves them more time.

What is a VIP Fast Track Service?

A VIP fast track service is a supporting service that allows people to complete their airport procedures on time and get back to their work as soon as possible. This service is booked in advance by providing some required details to the travel agencies. They will process the information and take necessary measures to complete all the procedures.

How to Apply VIP Fast Track Service?

VIP fast track service is applied parallel to your application for Vietnam visa. This can be applied even if you are opting for Vietnam visa on arrival or Vietnam e-visa. In addition to this, you can also apply for VIP fast track service separately through any travel agency by sharing a few details. These details include,

  • Name
  • Date of travel
  • Flight number
  • Passport number

Fee for VIP Fast Track Service

The fee for VIP fast track service is affordable and can be paid online. While paying the service fee, you should also pay the stamping fee too. This helps the staff to get your visa stamp process complete very quickly.

The Process

Once you fill in the application for VIP fast track service, you will share some basic details such as you name, flight number, and date of travel with the travel agency. On your date of travel, they will assign a staff to guide you throughout the airport process.

When you land in Vietnam, you can see a staff holding your name in a board. Introduce yourself to him and he will take you to the baggage drop-off first.

Visa on Arrival

After collecting the baggage, they will escort you to the lounge where you can sit and relax and they will also arrange necessary security to your baggage. Hence, you do not have to worry about the procedure or your baggage.

The staff will visit the visa on arrival counter to get your visa stamped in a priority line. After getting the visa, he will complete the other procedures. Then, he will guide you to the exit.

Porter Service

They will also offer a complementary porter service in which the staff escorts you to the exit and carries your baggage with him. Also, they will assign a taxi or other transportation for you. You can visit your home or conference within a few hours if you are choosing VIP fast track service.

Is It Worth Paying through Hai Phong City Airport?

Yes, it is worth paying through Hai Phong City airport as it is affordable and the process is simple. The service offered by the VIP fast track is quick and they will provide you a peaceful journey you’ve never experienced before. From visa stamping to the baggage claiming section, they will be with you throughout the process and you can seek help from them in any case.

Paying for VIP fast track service through Hai Phong City Airport will be helpful for travelers who have chosen Hai Phong City Airport as the destination airport for their visa on arrival. It helps them to save more time on visa stamping which otherwise would take hours. You can also complete all the other immigration procedures on time.

The Bottom Line

With a VIP fast track service, the visitor can stay stress-free throughout the journey and get help until the last stage of their travel process. So, it’s recommended to take the VIP fast track service through Hai Phong City airport and stay stress-free. Contact us for more.


Airports can be overwhelming for travelers.  Many tourists fear the day when they have to stand in lines for hours to complete the necessary processes at the airport.