January 29, 2020
Vietnam Landing Visa

A Useful Guide to Vietnam Landing Visa in Saigon City Airport

A Traveller looking to visit Saigon city in Vietnam will require a Vietnam visa. The thought of applying for a Vietnam visa can be overwhelming for some, because of the extensive process involved at embassy and the cost associated with the application. But what if you can apply for a Vietnam landing visa right from your computer? Yes, with the convenient Visa on Arrival program, moreover this is possible for anyone. Keep on reading to learn more:

Concept of Vietnam Landing Visa:

Vietnam landing visa is a visa you shall collect after arriving at the Saigon city airport in Vietnam. And this is what the Visa on Arrival is all about. You first apply for your visa online through the website of a reliable visa agency. After the approval of your application, you can collect the visa from the destination airport.

Eligibility Criteria for Vietnam Landing Visa:

Here are a few points that specify if you are eligible to apply for a Vietnam landing visa:

  • Your passport should have at least 6 months validity, post arrival in Vietnam
  • Second, there should be at least six blank pages in your passport
  • Citizens of all countries, except Nigeria, are eligible to apply for a Vietnam landing visa. In the same way, Nigerian citizens should apply via an embassy for their Vietnam visa
  • Applicants with dual citizenship are eligible, however you have to choose one passport while applying for your landing visa
  • If you have children included in your passport, you should apply for additional landing visas for them as well

Application of Vietnam Landing Visa:

There are many leading visa agencies that offer the Visa on Arrival service. Ensure that you deal only with authorised agents for a safe and secure experience. First, visit their website and start your application by filling out the required information. After you furnish the details appropriately, submit the application. The Immigration Department of Vietnam will process your application and approve it, if it meets the requirements.

Consequently, after the approval of your application, an official document known as visa approval letter will reach your email. This letter represents your right to enter and stay in Vietnam using your visa. Print out this letter and take it with you when you travel to Vietnam. After arriving at the Saigon City airport, show this letter at the landing visa desk and collect your stamped Vietnam landing visa.

Types of Visa:

The Vietnam Government offers different visas based on the following criteria:

  • Purpose of your visit
  • Number of entries to Vietnam

Purpose of Your Visit: Apply for a tourist visa if you are visiting Vietnam to explore the exotic landscapes, beautiful culture, and its many gorgeous tourist destinations. If you are visiting the country for a business tour, business visa is the one you should be applying for.

Number of Entries: Apply for a single-entry visa if you want to visit Vietnam just once. As soon as you leave the country, the visa stays invalid. Apply for a multiple entries visa, if you are thinking about visiting Vietnam multiple times within a specific time period. Besides, this visa allows you to enter and exit Vietnam any number of times, as long as the visa is valid.

Method of Fees Calculation

The cost of Vietnam landing visa depends on your citizenship and the type of visa applied. There are two fees any applicant should pay for:

First is the service fee, which has to be paid to the agency online using your credit card or PayPal. This will be done at the time of submitting your online application.

Second is the stamping fee, which is paid at the landing visa desk in the Saigon City airport. This fee should be paid in cash, after which your visa will be stamped and provided to you.

An Example of Vietnam Visa Cost:

If, for instance, you are an Ecuador citizen, here are your estimated Vietnam landing visa fees:

Service fee for Tourist Visa:

  • 1 month single entry – $6
  • 1 month multiple entries – $8
  • 3 months single entry – $15
  • 3 months multiple entries – $20

Service fee for Business Visa:

  • 1 month single entry – $75
  • 1 month multiple entries – $80
  • 3 months single entry – $85
  • 3 months multiple entries – $90

Stamping Fee:

  • Single entry visa – $25 (1 to 3 months)
  • Multiple entries visa – $50 (1 to 3 months)
  • 6 month business visa – $95
  • 1 year business visa – $135

The Visa on Arrival does not have any other hidden charges involved, apart from the service fees and stamping fees.

100% Refund Guarantee:

What makes landing visa applications a safe and delightful experience for travellers is the full refund guarantee provided by legitimate visa agencies such as vietnamvisa.cheap.  You will obtain a full refund of the service fee, if the Vietnamese government rejects your application, or you are not fully satisfied with the service provided by the agency.

Applying for a Vietnam visa is convenient and risk-free with Visa on Arrival. Start your application for a Vietnam landing visa by contacting a trusted visa agency today.


Saigon City is also called as Ho Chi Minh City. It is one of the best cities in the world that attract foreign tourists with its beauty, interesting activities, delicious food, and wonderful places.