January 29, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam E-Visa via Saigon City Airport; How & Where to Apply?

Saigon City is also called as Ho Chi Minh City. It is one of the best cities in the world that attract foreign tourists with its beauty, interesting activities, delicious food, and wonderful places. Have you decided to check in Saigon City in Vietnam for this family trip? Then you will be showered with fun, and wonderful things happen soon once you land at Saigon City. So, now it’s time to apply for your visa to visit Vietnam and make your stay in Saigon City. So, how to apply your visa of Vietnam e-visa via Saigon city Airport, and where to make it possible? This is what we are going to see in this article. Read more to learn more.

Vietnam E-Visa via Saigon City Airport; How to Apply? 

Applying for a visa via the e-visa method is simple and convenient. You can not only save your time in applying process, but also in visa approval and visa process at the airport. Yes, with e-visa, your visa will get approved soon if you add on to the rush service, and you don’t have to stop in the airport and wait for the visa collection or stamping process since it is a visa provided by electrically online. The things you need to do here are, fill the online application and submit it by paying the Vietnam E-Visa fee. Soon you will receive the approved visa.

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How To Apply For A Visa And Get It Approved?

Firstly, you have to be ready with the details that are needed for applying for a visa. Some of the details includes passport number, full name in the passport, date of birth, nationality, visa type, visa entry, and exit date, scanned front page of the passport, scanned photo of yours, and more.

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You have to fill the form by these details and attach the scanned copy that needed. Once you fill these things, you have to check twice to avoid issues.

Did you know if you need to edit the online application after your submitting it, you have to pay extra for it? So, make sure to apply for your Vietnam e-visa via Saigon city Airport without making any error. 

After finishing the filling and attaching work, you have to make the payment for e-visa via your debit or credit card since you are applying for your visa online. Only if the payment made properly, the visa approval process by the back end professional will get a start. So make the payment promptly without any cross issue. That’s all; your visa will get on time your request for.

Where to Apply E-visa? 

To apply for your visa safely and securely, you have to find the 100% risk-free travel agency website. So, how to find such a 100% risk-free website to get processed with the Vietnam e-visa via Saigon city Airport? For that, you have to find a reputable, trustworthy travel agency! Here we give some tips to find the right travel agency!

  1. Get in search of a trustworthy travel agency, and sort some of them based on your preference.
  2. Then check do they have a site to apply for a visa through e-visa and visa on arrival.  Make sure do their website is a 100% risk-free website.
  3. Enquire do they offer money-back guaranty if the clients dislike their service. They should return your full amount in a single payment if the visa rejects by the government.
  4. Most importantly, a trustworthy travel agency will charge you only for the approved application.
  5. The professionals should help you in applying for the visa via their website.
  6. You can also seek the help of them for applying for Vietnam fast track service to deal with the procedure at the airport.
  7. They should help your visa approved sooner and get you back promptly.
  8. The agency should let you know the status of your visa process.
  9. All your data will be safe and secured.

If you find such a travel agency, you are in luck. You can apply for the Vietnam e-visa via Saigon city Airport without any stress. Also, your visa will approve as soon as possible.

Fast Track Service For E-visa Holder 

Are you a celebrity, or a pregnant woman, or a businessman? No matter who you are, to visit Vietnam with Vietnam e-visa via Saigon city Airport, you will need some help at the airport. And fast track service will help you with it, and make you comfortable in the Saigon city airport of Vietnam.

Final Words

Rooftop bars, Vietnamese street food, shopping in night markets, and more, you can experience all in the Saigon city. To make it possible, start applies for your e-visa at the 100% risk-free travel agency website.  Make sure the travel agency you choose offers a 100% money-back guarantees if in the case of visa rejection. 

[Note: This will be applicable only if the Vietnam government rejects your visa application, or application rejects due to travel agency fault.]


A Traveller looking to visit Saigon city in Vietnam will require a Vietnam visa. The thought of applying for a Vietnam visa can be overwhelming for some, because of the extensive process involved at embassy and the cost associated with the application.