The citizens of Palau are among those nationalities that are qualified to avail of the Vietnam e-visa. This visa can be used for both tourism and business purposes.

Are you a Norwegian citizen and thinking of going to Vietnam for a holiday? If you are, then it’s time to apply for your visa. As a citizen of Norway, you’re one of those foreign visitors that need a visa to enter the country.

Here’s good news to holders of New Zealand passports who wanted to go to Vietnam for a vacation. You can now apply for your Vietnam visa over the Internet.

Here’s the good news for citizens of Nauru who plan on visiting Vietnam soon. Applying for a visa to the country is now so easy.

Are you from the Netherlands and you plan on going to Vietnam for a holiday? If so, then you better read this article to learn how you can get a visa to enter the country. Like any other country in the world, Vietnam would require foreign visitors to submit certain documents to enter their country.

Since Vietnam is close to Myanmar, it’s not surprising to know that more and more Burmese citizens are visiting Vietnam. What’s great about visiting Vietnam as a citizen of Myanmar is that you can now enter the country using an e-visa.

Citizens of Montenegro who are planning to holiday in Vietnam should apply for their Vietnam visa as early as possible. But the good news is that getting a visa to Vietnam is now so easy.

Vietnam e-visa for Canadian
January 16, 2020

Are you planning a trip to the incredible country of Vietnam? With its striking beauty and distinct culture, it is no wonder that Vietnam ranks as one of the growing destinations worldwide. Here is what you need to know about the Vietnam visa for Canadians.

Vietnam e-visa for French
January 16, 2020

Vietnam is a beautiful country that attracts people from various parts of the world. So you are planning to visit Vietnam from French.

Vietnam e-visa for Irish
January 16, 2020

Do you hold an Irish passport? Are you planning to visit Vietnam? For many Irish travellers, Vietnam is the first choice as they are looking for South-East Asian experience. Moreover, Vietnam never fails to impress a backpacker or traveler.

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