If you’re thinking of joining a cruise to Vietnam, you should prepare your travel documents as early as now. Aside from booking your cruise ticket, you also need to think about your visa.

Vung Ang Seaport is located in the Hà Tĩnh province of Vietnam. Hà Tĩnh lies on the North Central Coast and is known for its scenic landscapes.

When you go cruising in Vietnam, you will be visiting incredible ports of call and come across some lush coastlines. One of the ports that cruise ships will most likely be visiting is the Nghi Son Seaport.

Cruise passengers who are visiting the resort town of Vung Tau in Vietnam should prepare their travel requirements ahead of time. Vung Tau is situated 125 km.

Cam Pha Seaport is located in Quảng Ninh Province in the northeast region of Vietnam. Cruises going to this part of the country will most likely dock in the port of Cẩm Phả.

If you are going to Vietnam for a cruise holiday, you will probably be stopping at Hai Phong Seaport, especially if you plan on holidaying in the northern part of the country. Hai Phong is the leading seaport in North Vietnam so it’s not surprising to find lots of cruise ships docked at this port

For foreign tourists heading to Ho Chi Minh on a cruise, you will most likely dock at Phu My Port. Also known as the Ho Chi Minh City Seaport, this port is located about 130 km away from the city center.

Nha Trang is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. This port city is a popular stopping point for visitors on a cruise.

Quy Nhon port, also known as Ham Tu port, is one of the international seaports for cruise ship excursions in Vietnam. From here, tourists will have the opportunity to explore the Quy Nhon Ham Tu fish market, which is located right next to the port.

If you’re heading to Vietnam on a cruise, one of the destinations that you will most likely be visiting is the gorgeous island of Phu Quoc. Unlike the busy cities of Vietnam, Phu Quoc offers a totally different side of the country.

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