January 7, 2020
Visa Fast Track

About Noi Bai Airport Fast Track Visa Service

Noi Bai airport is the most significant international airport in northern Vietnam, and it is 45km away from the city center. Terminal 1is for operating domestic flights and Terminal 2 opened in 2014 for International flights. Terminal 2 has 286 flight information displays, ten self-service kiosks, and 96 check-in counters.

The major airlines that functions in Noi Bai Airport are Vietnam Airlines, Air Asia, Pacific Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Thai Airways. The fully functional terminal provides all the facilities and amenities, including ATMs, currency exchange, and a wide range of shopping and dining choices.

It is essential to find prior information on all the standard procedures and policies related to Visa. Therefore, Noi Bai airport at Hanoi is one of the busiest international airports in Vietnam, as travelers all around the globe visit this beautiful destination throughout the year.

Further, Going through long queues at visa counters and looking around for help and the right information at a new country is a dreadful task. Thus, to avoid such situations and visa troubles, Noi Bai Airport Fast Track Services provide support to you after arriving at the airport.

Fast Track service in Noi Bai Airport

Fast Track Services offers easy and smooth assistance. The service providers make sure that travelers don’t waste their precious time on visa and passport counters.

Fast Track Services at the airport provides world-class aid as per the travelers’ requirement. The highly trained staff is qualified in English to welcome the travelers at the air bridge during arrival or departure.

They assist you in passing through all the airport formalities and procedures, i.e., processing visas on arrival, passing through border controls, escorting through baggage and customs area, etc. Unlike other passengers, one ends up saving time and energy from unnecessary hassles.

The Vietnam Visa Fast Track Services are planned for helping travelers across the world to process their visa formalities efficiently. They can opt for the service to receive assistance at the airport to get their visa stamp. The service staff will speed up the handling.

Thus, the service allows you to rest till the time the staff will process your Visa on your behalf. With their assistance, you could get your visa stamp in as quick as 10 minutes.

They additionally offer a few different administrations for your solace and accommodation. With this administration, an operator will by and by meet you as you land at the air terminal.

From that point onward, the specialist will accompany you in going on the fast track path in migration. There will likewise be a luggage porter who will help you in managing your luggage.

Fast track service types

There are two service types available at the airport and offers you an option to choose the one as per your need:

1. Standard fast track service-

After you arrives at the airport. The service staff who will take your documents and process your visa stamping process will greet you. Thus, it will only take a few moments to receive your passport with the stamped Visa.

2. VIP fast track service-

It is the same as the standard fast track service. Whereas in addition to the above, it also includes few additional services as:

  • Baggage porter service
  • Resting lounge service
  • Car pick up service
  • Hotel assistance service
  • Departure service

Benefits of utilizing Vietnam Visa Fast Track Service to the travelers

The advantage of selecting the fast track service after arriving at the Vietnam international airports offers you great benefits. Thus, the benefits are as follows:

  • Secure visa processing avoiding the long queues – it’s such a baffling encounter to be met with a long line originating from a tiring flight. Nobody needs to arrange for an hour to get a visa stamp, notably while landing in the night. In any case, with the fast track administration, you don’t need to line since they can sidestep the line for you.
  • Offers Visa help – The principal objective of the Vietnam Visa Fast Track in Noi Bai Airport is to help you in visa processing. This is helpful assistance since preparing your Vietnam visa would require submitting desk work and different prerequisites. They are specialists in the field and will inform you ahead concerning what necessities are expected to maintain. Thus, it helps in receiving your Visa efficiently.
  • Efficient service staff – you will be met by the expert staff at the air terminal when you book the Visa Fast Track Service. They talk excellent English and will be glad to help you with anything. If you are visiting Vietnam for the first time and scared of the language hindrance. Thus, this service will offer you better assistance. The service staff available at the Noi Bai Airport will help in kick-starting your trip progressively pleasant.

Thus, the service is recommendable to the following individuals such as:

  • Travelers traveling in a group
  • Professionals and Businessmen
  • Elders/Senior citizens
  • People with small kids
  • Pregnant women’s and more.

The Noi Bai Airport is one of the biggest airport of Vietnam. And it also serves the capital city of Vietnam which further welcomes many travelers around the globe daily.

Well, when it comes to exploring Vietnam, its northern part offers you the finest array of natural beauties. Wondering how to get there? Well, you can do that quite easily by booking a flight all the way to No Bai.

Are you travelling to Hanoi? If yes, then you will definitely get down in Noi Bai International airport. The Noi Bai airport is the second busiest airport in Vietnam.

Vietnam receives a lot of visitors throughout the year. By looking at the tourists the country receives; the Immigration centre of Vietnam has decided to come up with a new system that is Noi Bai Airport fast track.

The airports in Vietnam are crowded and busy. This is because travelers from around the world come here to enjoy their trip to a country full of adventurous places.

If you’re visiting Vietnam soon and you are arriving at the airport of Hanoi, the Noi Bai Airport Meet and Assist Service is something that you might want to consider using. This service will help you in passing through the airport faster and easier.

If you’re flying to Hanoi for a holiday, you’ll be entering at the Noi Bai International Airport. This airport is the second busiest airport in the country and welcomes millions of passengers each year.

If you plan on exploring the northern part of Vietnam and see the beautiful Halong Bay, then you should book a flight going to Noi Bai Airport. This is the main airport that serves the capital city of Hanoi and the northern areas of the country.