February 16, 2020
Visa Fast Track

Avoid the Queue By Using the Visa on Arrival Fast Track Service through Da Nang airport

If you’re going to Vietnam soon, you should include Da Nang in your itinerary. This coastal city is known for its beautiful sandy beaches. Plus, it’s also home to Hoi An, a beautiful ancient city that’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And if you want to enjoy convenience in getting a visa in Da Nang, you should take advantage of the Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fast Track through Da Nang airport.

Since Da Nang is a popular tourist destination in Vietnam, the airport here is often very busy. Da Nang is one of the major airports of Vietnam that welcomes millions of tourists each year. In 2018, Da Nang airport has welcomed more than 13 million passengers. Most of these are foreign visitors who need to apply for a Vietnam Visa on Arrival. Because of this, it’s not surprising to find long lines at the counter. During the peak season, you could end up spending hours at the airport just trying to get your visa!

Avoid the Queue By Using the Visa on Arrival Fast Track Service

The Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fast Track through Da Nang airport was established to assist passengers in getting their visas at the airport of Da Nang. With their assistance, there’s no longer a need for foreign visitors to queue at the visa counter. That’s because they will process the visa on your behalf. Instead of waiting for hours, you’ll only wait for a few minutes for your visa.

The Fast Track Service is available to most of the major airports in Vietnam. Aside from Da Nang, it’s also available in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. These are the airports that would accept the Visa on Arrival option for foreign passengers.

For a minimal fee, you’ll be treated like a VIP when processing your visa. That’s because someone will come to personally greet you as you arrive. From the aircraft gate, the staff will then escort you towards the visa counter. Just give the requirements to the staff, including your passport. After only a few minutes, the staff will be back with your visa in it. So instead of queuing for several hours, you’ll only spend a few minutes at the counter. This greatly saves you a lot of time.

What’s the Process of Applying for the Fast Track Service?

If you are interested in using the fast track option for your visa application, all you need to do is to indicate it on your request for the pre-approval letter. In case you didn’t know, the visa on arrival will require you to request a pre-approval letter. This letter must be requested ahead of your trip. The letter will then be sent to you through email. You have to print this letter and show it to the immigration officer in order to be given a visa.

During your application of the pre-approval letter, choose the option for a fast track service. Make a payment and wait for a confirmation. It’s very important that you provide your flight details correctly. That way, they will know when to pick you up at the airport. You also need to provide them your flight number so that the staff that is assigned to greet you can monitor your flight. If there are any changes on your flight, make sure you inform them immediately.

Upon your arrival at Da Nang Airport, look for the staff that is holding a welcome banner with your name. Approach the staff and follow him or her towards the visa counter. Here, give the staff the pre-approval letter, your passport, and other requirements. Wait for the staff to come back with your passport and visa. This should only take a few minutes.

Is It Worth It to Use the Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track at Da Nang Airport?

The Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track at Da Nang Airport might cost you some money, but this service is definitely worth it. As mentioned above, the airport of Da Nang is often very busy that it will sometimes take several hours before you can get your passport back. This can be very frustrating especially for those who have traveled for several hours. And if you’re traveling with kids, the last thing you want is to stand in queue for a long time!

So yes, the Visa on Arrival Fast Track at Da Nang Airport is really worth it. For only a small amount, you can enjoy the utmost convenience in the processing of your visa. Instead of waiting for hours, you’ll have to wait for only a few minutes for your visa to be processed. Plus, someone will be there to personally escort you. With this service, you’ll be treated like a VIP, just like a famous celebrity.


Many travelers go to different counties each year to have the fun trip of their lives. Likewise, many tourists visit Vietnam to enjoy the thrill-seeking adventures and natural beauty the country has.

If you’re visiting Da Nang soon, you might want to use the Da Nang Airport Meet and Greet service. This service aims to provide personalized and professional assistance to passengers of Da Nang International Airport.

Da Nang Airport is the third-largest airport in the country and is located in Da Nang, the largest city in Central Vietnam. This is the nearest airport in the city which offers both domestic as well as international flights.

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Visiting a country like Vietnam is indeed a pleasurable experience in itself. But, standing in the long lines for hours is quite a tiring experience in itself.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track through Da Nang air terminal is assistance offering high standards of security and solace to all the travelers. The service permits you an assortment of services, all of which expect to make your stay at Vietnam Airports as charming, unwinding, and compelling as could be allowed.

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful places. Many people all over the world visit Vietnam every year to enjoy their vacation in the most beautiful place.

Are you planning to go out on a holiday to Vietnam?  Well, Vietnam is among the most well-loved tourist places in all of Asia. Naturally, it sees a lot of crowd from all parts of the world especially during the peak holiday seasons.

Every traveler needs to unwind himself/herself after arriving at a Vietnam airport. The prolonged journey on your flight is indeed quite tiring, and you can’t afford to stand in the long queues to get all your airport procedures done.