February 6, 2020
Meet and Greet

Da Nang Airport Meet and Greet Service in Vietnam

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam? If so, then you should know about the Da Nang Airport Meet and Greet services. This service will help you in a lot of ways that you might not have thought of. The Da Nang airport is is one of the busiest airports, and it receives thousands of visitors across the world. This service has helped a lot of people who are visiting the country with their kids or parents with a visa. To know about the various types of this service, have a look here.

Various types of Da Nang Airport Meet and Greet services.

There are two types of Da Nang Airport Meet and Greet services that are VIP services and Standard services. These services are as follows:

Standard Services

When a traveller registers for this service, he or she will be greeted at the airport by them. They will assist you to the immigration counter, and then they will guide you throughout the process. You need to submit the details that are required to get a stamp on the visa. While they get the stamp on the visa, you can wait in the lounge, or you can enjoy your travelling experience.

VIP services

After you register for this service, a personnel from the service will come greet you, and they will guide you through the process. You will be taken to the immigration counter, where you need to provide the details that are required to get a stamp on the visa. But when you register for this service, you will be escorted by a person who will carry your luggage and will be with you till the process is completed. They will also take care of your belongings, and after the process gets over, you will be directed towards the car services. By booking for a car service, you can proceed towards your hotel.

Why should one opt for Da Nang Airport Meet and Greet in Vietnam?

The Da Nang Airport Meet and Greet service offers their tourists to assist them at the arrival, departure and baggage counter. While travelling to the country, this process will give a smooth start to the passengers who are moving to the country. It will help them in completing the visa process, and you can easily come out of the airport by collecting your luggage. Take a look here to know why you should opt for MeetMeet and greet services.

Meet and greet service at an arrival gate 

After registering for VIP or standard service, the travel will be greeted at the arrival gate, and they will move you to the immigration counter. From here, you will be getting your visa that will allow you to move in the country freely. This service is available for those who are entering the country through airways. If you have a lot of luggage, then you can register for the porter service as well. The price that one needs to pay to avail of this service is also quite less.

Meet and greet service at a departure gate

Just like the way you register for the service while arriving in the country, you need to follow the same process for the departure gate as well. After registering for the Da Nang Airport Meet and Greet service, a professional helper will be provided who will be there with you throughout the process. It will help you to check in the airport quickly, and you will be able to come out of the immigration process quite soon.

The Da Nang Airport Meet and Greet service while transferring.

If you have enrolled your name for the Da Nang Airport Meet and Greet services, then the professional will wait for you at the arrival area. After you arrive, you will be taken through the transfer desk formalities. They will also explain to you how you need to transfer between the terminals so that you can reach the boarding gate. In this process, there is a lesser chance that you can miss a flight.

The bottom line

As now that you have known about the Da Nang Airport Meet and Greet services, you can enroll for this service so that once you reach the country, you can spend most of your time exploring Vietnam.


Da Nang Airport is the third-largest airport in the country and is located in Da Nang, the largest city in Central Vietnam. This is the nearest airport in the city which offers both domestic as well as international flights.

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Vietnam is a place where you can find many natural spots to visit. While you are planning for a trip to Vietnam, you can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival via Da Nang Airport.

Tourist or business people who are planning to visit Vietnam for the first time can apply for Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track through Da Nang airport. Da Nang airport is located in Da Nang city.

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