February 2, 2020
Visa On Arrival

How to Apply For Vietnam Visa on Arrival via Da Nang Airport?

Vietnam is a place where you can find many natural spots to visit. While you are planning for a trip to Vietnam, you can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival via Da Nang Airport. It helps you get your visa in short time. All you need to do is contact a reliable travel agency to apply your Vietnam visa.

How To Apply Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

Once you choose a reliable travel agency to apply your visa, you need to search for the application form in their website. Then you need to fill the online visa on arrival application form with correct details. Make sure that the details you provide are the same as in your passport. Once you complete the application form, cross check it to avoid any mistake. Then submit your application. You will be taken to a payment section where you need to pay the service fee. You need to pay service fee using your credit or debit card. Cash payment is not acceptable, as you are applying online.

Receiving Your Visa Approval Letter

Once you complete the online application process, you need to wait for two to three business days to get your visa approval letter. The visa approval letter will be sent to your email address. So make sure to provide the correct email address during the application process.

Once you receive the visa approval letter to your email, make sure to print it or download it. You need to submit the copy of visa approval letter in the check-in desk at the destination airport to get your visa. Once if you submit the visa approval letter, your visa will be stamped on your passport. After getting your visa, you can enter Vietnam and enjoy your trip.

Airports That Accept Vietnam Visa On Arrival

The Vietnam visa on arrival process is acceptable only for the travelers traveling through air. It is not applicable for traveler traveling through land or sea. Also, you can apply for Visa on arrival only for certain airports and they are

When applying for Visa on arrival, make sure whether you are eligible to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival via Da Nang Airport. For applying visa on arrival, you need to have the following requirements.

  • Check whether your passport have at least 6 months validity from the date of entry
  • Make sure that your passport contains at least two blank pages for stamping your visa
  • Valid email id
  • You need to choose the destination port
  • Know the details of visa type
  • Have enough balance in your account to pay the service fee in online

Fast Track Service

Once you receive your visa approval letter, you can apply for fast track service. By applying for fast track service, you can be sure that the staff from the travel agency will welcome you at your destination airport. They will complete all the formalities at the airport and make your trip hassle-free one. You need to apply the fast track service at least 4 hours before you reach your destination airport. In case, your flight gets delay, you need to inform the travel agency to make the proper changes.

Fast track service can be applied by everyone and especially it will be needed for elderly people who travel without anyone to help them. It will be helpful for the pregnant ladies, passengers with kids, disabled people, people traveling in group, etc.

Benefits Of Apply For Visa On Arrival

The most important benefit of applying for Vietnam visa on arrival is that you can apply from your home. You no need to wait in long queue in front of the embassy to get your visa. It saves your time as you can complete the application process within a few minutes.


Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival via Da Nang Airport is one of the easiest ways to get your Vietnam visa. You can get your visa approval letter within two days and start your travel. All you need to do to make your visa application process a smooth one is to choose the right travel agency. By choosing the right travel agency you can get your visa on time. They will offer 100% risk-free service, so you can get 100% money back guarantee if your visa gets rejected by the government. So choose the right travel agency and make your trip a stress-free one. Have a nice time in Vietnam!


Tourist or business people who are planning to visit Vietnam for the first time can apply for Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track through Da Nang airport. Da Nang airport is located in Da Nang city.

Are you planning to visit Vietnam? You might already feel intimidated about the procedure associated with the Vietnam visa application. Well, you don’t have to stress about it anymore as the Government of Vietnam has introduced one of the easiest ways for travellers to get their Vietnam visa at reasonable price – introducing Vietnam e-visa.

Traveling is an experience everyone loves. Either it is the picturesque sceneries or thrill-seeking adventures, everything is about fun.

There is nothing worse and frustrating than being asked to queue at the back for an hour in the long waiting line in front of an immigration desk. Sometimes it can be really overwhelming, especially if you are at the Da Nang Airport for the first time.

With the Da Nang Airport Meet and Greet administrations, the travelers can have a quiet excursion at the Da Nang air terminal in Vietnam. The consistent experience permits guests to unwind and arrive at their goal with no problem.

Da Nang airport meet and assist concierge service is quite useful for those travelers who need quick assistance. Thus, the service helps you to avoid the long queues for getting the visa stamp.

Vietnam is a country blessed with natural treasures like beaches, lush forest, landscapes, and beautiful hill stations. The country is not just famous for its natural beauty, but it is adored for its culture too.

To visit any foreign country you will definitely need a visa first. Without the visa, you will not be able to explore the country.