January 25, 2020
Airport Fast Track

Is It Worth Paying VIP Fast Track Service Through Da Nang Airport?

There is nothing worse and frustrating than being asked to queue at the back for an hour in the long waiting line in front of an immigration desk. Sometimes it can be really overwhelming, especially if you are at the Da Nang Airport for the first time. This is when the VIP fast track service through Da Nang Airport comes to the rescue. But, many travellers are reluctant when it comes to spending a few dollars for VIP fast track service.

After arriving at the Da Nang Airport, you’ll regret not choosing for VIP fast track service. Yes, the Da Nang Airport is one of the busiest airports in Vietnam as it is located in the central region of the country. In fact, the Da Nang international Airport is located just 2km away from the city center. Hence, it is no surprise it is the busiest airport and why many choose it as their arrival and departure port.

Why choose VIP fast track service?

Vietnam airlines operate a range of flights, both domestic and international destinations. It operates daily flights to Hanoi, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, and other places in Vietnam. International flights to the Da Nang Airport operate from South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. It is apparent that Da Nang Airport operates a number of flights and receives millions of travellers every year.

Due to it, you could expect delays when going through immigration at peak hours. You can verify them on the Trip Advisor. Many people have complained that waiting time is longer than it is expected, especially during busy hours.  The lines at the immigration desk can sometimes increase to over an hour. If not more, all premium airlines demand the same arrival or departure times so unloading their entire passenger towards the immigration desk at the same time. Definitely, it cannot be a pleasant experience to start or end your vacation or business trip.

Just imagine yourself being late for an important business meeting or connecting flight or your loved ones who are in Vietnam is in a critical stage. It can be awful to attend business meetings late or missing your flight. Fortunately, VIP fast track service can help you get through the immigration process much quicker while you can sit back and relax. With VIP fast track service, you can make your entry into Vietnam as quickly as possible.

Things you need to know about VIP fast track service

You can be expected to be treated like a VIP. Yes, a courteous will receive you at your gate with a welcome board. Ensure you can clearly see your name on the board as it will help you identify your representative easily.

He or she will take you to the visa landing counter via VIP gate followed by a swift visa processing session. The representative will take care of everything right from visa process to escorting you to the vehicle. You can also have the facilities of a porter and a private car through VIP fast track service at the Da Nang Airport. The porter will come and look after your entire luggage on your behalf. Moreover, a car will be waiting for you at the airport entrance and he will take you to any part of the city according to your choice.

How to apply for VIP Fast track service through Da Nang Airport?

  • Choose the VIP fast track service option when you apply for Visa on arrival online. Provide the right details such as your name, arrival and departure date, date of birth, passport number, nationality, and flight number. Also, select the Da Nang Airport.
  • You can also send an email to the agency or embassy in which you have applied for visa on arrival with your personal details.
  • Once you pay and submit the application, you will receive the confirmation letter.
  • Within two business days, you’ll receive the approval letter.
  • Get it printed and take it with you.
  • The staff will be waiting for you at the Da Nang Airport with a welcome board.
  • Submit the documents including entry and exit form, visa approval letter, your passport, 2 photographs, and stamping fee to the agent.
  • Finally, the staff will escort you to baggage claim section and help pick your car.

If you choose VIP fast track service, you can enter the VIP gate like celebrities and by pass the long queues at the normal terminals.  You will have a doorman to meet and help you with your luggage and escort you to the car. The VIP fast track service is extremely beneficial for all travellers, no matter if you arrive at the airport by evening or night.

For more details about Vietnam VIP Fast track service, contact Vietnam Visa Cheap, a reliable travel agency Vietnam that offers 100% money guaranteed service. For years, we have been offering our VIP fast track service to foreigners who come from all over the world. In fact, we have built a reputation offering high-quality service each and every time by meeting your client’s requirements.


Traveling is an experience everyone loves. Either it is the picturesque sceneries or thrill-seeking adventures, everything is about fun.

With the Da Nang Airport Meet and Greet administrations, the travelers can have a quiet excursion at the Da Nang air terminal in Vietnam. The consistent experience permits guests to unwind and arrive at their goal with no problem.

Da Nang airport meet and assist concierge service is quite useful for those travelers who need quick assistance. Thus, the service helps you to avoid the long queues for getting the visa stamp.

Vietnam is a country blessed with natural treasures like beaches, lush forest, landscapes, and beautiful hill stations. The country is not just famous for its natural beauty, but it is adored for its culture too.

To visit any foreign country you will definitely need a visa first. Without the visa, you will not be able to explore the country.

Vietnam is a country where you can experience both beaches as well as hill stations. The country is known for its natural beauty as well as its cultural complexity.

Vietnam is a country which is not only known for its beautiful sea beaches but also for the extreme diversity it has. The Country has the best hill stations which will give you an opportunity to look at the forests from the top which is the home to unique wildlife creatures.

If you want to stay away from the hustles and bustles of your city life and relax somewhere, Vietnam is the best place. The central part of the country is ideal destinations if you love to enjoy watching lakes, lush forest, and beaches.