January 14, 2020
Immigration Fast Track

Vietnam Immigration Fast Track in Da Nang Airport

If you want to stay away from the hustles and bustles of your city life and relax somewhere, Vietnam is the best place. The central part of the country is ideal destinations if you love to enjoy watching lakes, lush forest, and beaches. Many choose to travel through Da Nang Airport to visit the central region of Vietnam as it is the third largest international airport in Vietnam. Moreover, it takes only an hour to ride a bike to Hue and Hoi An.

Though there are several ways to enter Vietnam, traveling by air is the viable option so that you can save your traveling time. Many travels through this airport and the most significant part are you need to get the cheap Vietnam visa at the visa counter. In case if you are among the travelers who want to enter visa, you may need to get through the long queues at the Da Nang Airport terminal for getting your visa, especially if you have applied for Visa on Arrival. However, you can by-pass the long queue and get the visa stamped if you opt for Vietnam immigration fast track service.

Apply for Vietnam visa

Visa is essential to enter into Vietnam. So, you have to apply for cheap Vietnam visa. Unlike other countries, Vietnam visa is cheap and the process is easier in Vietnam. It could be even easier if you opt for Visa on Arrival through online. In fact, it is easy to get a visa through Visa on Arrival. All you have to do is fill out the online application form with the right personal information, pay the visa processing fee, print the approval letter and submit the visa stamping fee of $25, your passport, approval letter, and 2 passport size photographs to the immigration officer upon arrival.

Once you submit the documents to the immigration officer, you can get the visa stamped on your passport. However, the visa counter is busy and you may need to wait for a long period in the queue to complete the immigration process. This is why many foreign travelers choose Vietnam immigration fast track service to by-pass the long line and get the process done quickly.

What is the Vietnam immigration fast track in Da Nang Airport?

If you have applied for Visa on Arrival through online, you have to get your visa stamped in your passport upon arrival. Since the airport attracts many visitors around the around, it seems to be busy all day. So, it is no wonder you have to wait in the long line to get your visa stamped and visa stickers.

The immigration fast track service help you get your visa quickly. Yes, you can by-pass the long queue at the visa counter upon arrival and get your visa stamped quickly in a few minutes.

Based on the service you are choosing, the representative from the agency or embassy will accompany and assist you with the entire immigration process and visa control till you arrive at the baggage claim. Some even escort till you reach the car and get into a hotel. They also provide doorman assistance which will be helpful, especially if you are traveling alone with many baggages.

Types of Immigration Fast Track service

There are two types of immigration Fast track service you can choose from including, standard fast track service and VIP fast track service.

Standard Immigration fast track service

In the standard fast track service, the staff will be waiting at the airport with the welcome board when you arrive at the gate. Assist you with the immigration process while you can sit and relax after providing the required documents and visa stamping fee of $50. Once the process is over, the representative will escort and help you with the luggage claim and lead to your taxi.

VIP Immigration fast track service

The staff will take you to the VIP counter as soon as you arrive at the gate. Help you get through the visa stamped and visa sticker quickly and assist you with baggage claim. Provide assistance with the airport procedure and take you to the taxi. The VIP service offers more personal care and outstanding flexibility, security and help save your time. The agency will take care of all your transfers and formalities while you can sit and relax at VIP lounge or even prepare for your seminar or meeting.

Select the fast track service while you are applying for the Visa on Arrival by giving the right information.

Immigration fast track service cost

The price for both the service range from $15-$20 and it does not include the expense of visa-stepping charge. For additional services, you have to pay extra. If you need a luggage porter and a vehicle to get to your hotel, you will be paying more.

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The Vietnam immigration fast track in Da Nang Airport encourages travelers traveling to Da Nang, Vietnam, in the brisk and bothers free handling of their visas. Da Nang is one of the most visited urban areas in Vietnam.

Manage the airport hassle at one of the buzziest Vietnam international airport, Da Nang Airport. Thus, Da Nang airport is one of the third biggest airports in the country.

Are you looking for a hassle-free visa processing service for your Vietnam visa? Then you need to get a Vietnam immigration fast track in Da Nang Airport service right now. It’s basically a comprehensive visa processing service that helps you to avoid standing at the queues for hours.

In this article, we will discuss about the benefits of Vietnam Visa Fast Track in Da Nang Airport. Vietnam is a country where you can experience both beaches as well as hill stations.

The service is known as Da Nang Airport fast track service which will allow the foreigners to visit Da Nang by obtaining the visa on arrival without any problem. The city is known to be the most visited place in Vietnam and this is mainly because of the locations it offers.

The Da Nang Airport is another International air terminal in Vietnam that invites many outside explorers every day. It’s the portal to the city of Da Nang, which is home to a portion of Vietnam’s most acclaimed attractions.

When you are traveling the only problem you may face at the airport. Many people do not travel alone, they are usually with families and friends.

Da Nang International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Vietnam, as millions of travellers visit the beloved city of Da Nang. Da Nang airport is committed to offer travellers a hassle-free experience when they arrived in Vietnam.