August 31, 2020
Visa tips

Benefits of Using Assistance Service to Get Vietnam Visa

The visa is one of the most important travel documents that you need to have when entering Vietnam for a holiday, business, or other purposes. There are a few nationalities that are eligible for visa-free entry into the country. However, most nationalities would need to have a visa before they can enter Vietnam.

If you need a visa to enter Vietnam, it is a good idea to hire an agency that offers visa assistance services. There are several different types of Vietnam visas out there that it can get confusing especially for first-time travelers. Here are more reasons why using the assistance service to get a Vietnam visa is truly worth it.

Advanced Technology

Local agencies that offer visa assistance services in Vietnam use travel-centric technologies in processing visa applications. These technologies help to make everything the process a breeze and eliminate the need to process lots of paperwork. Paper visa applications can be tedious. If some of the documents will be misplaced, this can further delay the applications.

With the help of the Vietnam visa assistance service, there is no longer a need to personally submit documents and paperwork. You can send in your application over the Internet and send the documents by post. There is no longer a need for you to travel to the agency or schedule an appointment. And thanks to the advanced technology, travelers can easily keep track of the status of their application using the website of the agency. They will also receive real-time updates regarding their applications through email or via the phone, whichever way they prefer.

Support When You Need It

Another great advantage of using assistance service to get a Vietnam visa is that you will receive assistance in every step of the way. Depending on the type of visa that you need to apply, there are several documents that you need to prepare and this can be very confusing for the average traveler. But with the help of the assistance service, the process will be faster and so much easier.

When you hire the assistance service to get your Vietnam visa, you’ll have the option to speak to someone expert in the immigration policies of Vietnam. They are highly trained in this aspect and have a broad knowledge when it comes to visa applications in Vietnam. If there are any issues regarding your visa application, you can rest assured that they will address these for you.

Real-Time Status Updates

The processing of your Vietnam visa can sometimes take a while, depending on certain factors. If you happen to apply during the peak season, your visa could take a while to be approved. This can be nerve-wracking if you are going to leave for Vietnam soon.

One of the best things about hiring a Vietnam visa assistance service is that you will receive automated updates regarding the status of your visa application. They will immediately inform you if there are any issues. That way, these issues will be addressed immediately and avoid any delays. They will make sure to keep you updated on the progress of your Vietnam visa application.

Fair and Square Pricing

When using the assistance service to get a Vietnam visa, you can be assured of transparent and fair pricing. If you will use their service, they will quote you for the service fees and any other fees involved so you will know ahead how much you will spend. There are no hidden charges and whatever price is quoted will be the only price you will have to pay.

If you have any concerns regarding the fees, feel free to inform them about it. They will explain everything to you and they will not proceed with the processing unless you are fully aware of what you are paying.

Complementary Extras

Aside from assisting you with your Vietnam visa applications, you can take advantage of several other complementary extras when you use an assistance service. For instance, they can offer free documents pre-check service. With this service, they will make sure that you have the correct documents so as not to delay the processing of your visa. An expert will check every document that you submit before forwarding them to the Vietnam Immigration Dept. Thus, you will have a higher chance of getting approved.

If you need advice or consultation regarding Vietnam’s immigration policies, they can also offer this service for free. Other complimentary extras are visa scanning, digital photo uploading, and a whole lot more!


As you see, using the assistance service to get the Vietnam visa processed comes with many benefits. Whether you need a tourist visa, business visa, and other types of Vietnam visas, they will be able to assist you with this. They will make sure that your journey to Vietnam will be easier and more convenient.