Vietnam is a great country to visit for those who are into culture and history. But aside from this, the country is also known for its delicious foods, scenic sights, and beautiful beaches.

The entry permit is a new concept for foreigners visiting Vietnam. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the entry permit is not a requirement for entry to Vietnam.

Du khách từ Việt Nam được miễn thị thực nhập cảnh vào Panama trong 90 ngày, theo thỏa thuận giữa chính phủ hai nước có hiệu lực từ 15/01/2021. Việc miễn thị thực này đồng nghĩa với việc công dân Việt Nam sẽ không phải xin thị thực khi sang Panama.

Travellers from Vietnam are entitled to a 90-day visa-free entry into Panama, according to an agreement between the governments of both countries. This visa exemption means Vietnamese citizens will no longer need to apply for a visa when going to Panama for a holiday.

Due to the friendly relations of the Government of Vietnam and the Republic of Panama, Vietnam has decided to offer a 90-day visa-free entry for all citizens of Panama. To be allowed entry into Vietnam, the citizen must be holding an ordinary passport that has a minimum validity of six months.

[Hà Nội, 07/06/2019] Phái đoàn Ngoại giao hai nước Việt Nam và Panama đã ký kết hiệp định miễn thị thực. Theo đó, công dân hai nước mang hộ chiếu phổ thông sẽ được miễn thị thực tối đa 90 ngày.

According to the agreement between Vietnam – Panama signed on 07 June 2019  (effected on 15 January 2021), Panama ordinary passport holders are exempted from Vietnam visa for maximum 90 days. Also, Vietnamese ordinary passport holders are exempted from Panama visa for maximum 90 days.

Flying directly to Van Don Airport is the easiest way to visit Ha Long Bay, Vietnam’s most popular tourist destination. Before, most tourists would have to fly to Hanoi, and travel for almost four hours going to Ha Long Bay.

If you’re heading to Ha Long Bay, the fastest way is to fly directly to Van Don International Airport, also known as the Ha Long Airport. Located in the Van Don District of Quang Ninh Province, the airport is about 50 km.

From November 21 to December 2, 2021, Hanoi will be hosting the 2021 Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games), where athletes from all over the Southeast Asian region will be competing against each other in a variety of sports. This is already the second time that Vietnam has hosted this event.

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