February 12, 2021
Covid 19

Can I Apply Visa for Entering Vietnam In this Covid 19 Season?

About a year ago, after the initial outbreak of Covid-19 was declared, Vietnam was among the first countries to close its borders to prevent the entry of the virus. They suspended inbound travel and closed its airports, ports, and land border entry points.

Currently, Vietnam is starting to allow the entry of foreign nationals, but only if your visit is essential. These include businessmen, foreign workers, and experts who need to go to Vietnam for a work-related trip. Since the Vietnamese authorities have suspended the issuance of e-visas and visa on arrival, the only way you can enter Vietnam as a businessman is to apply for a business visa.

Aside from getting a business visa, all foreign travelers are required to submit a negative result of the PCR test that’s taken in the past 3 to 5 days. All travelers must also quarantine for 14 days in an assigned facility while being monitored by health authorities. If you are a businessman and you’re wondering how to get a visa to Vietnam in. this Covid 19 season, then here’s everything you need to know.

Who Can Enter Vietnam In This Covid 19 Season?

Requirements for a Vietnam Business Visa Application

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the process of applying for a Vietnam business visa these days is a bit different. There are additional requirements that you need to fulfill. So before you start applying for your visa, you must accomplish these requirements first. To give you an idea, here are the requirements needed for a Vietnam business visa application.

1. Passport

As with any visa application, you are required to submit the original copy of your passport. Your passport should be:

  • Valid for at least six months from the date of visa application.
  • Have at least one blank page for the visa.
  • The passport should be in good condition. None of the pages should be torn or altered in any way.

2. Photo

  • When applying for a Vietnam business visa, you are required to submit one colored passport-sized photograph. The photo should meet the following criteria:
  • Taken in the last three months and with good quality.
  • The photo should be taken in white background with a size of 2″ x 2″.
  • It should clearly show the full frontal view of your face, including your head.
  • The photo must be attached to your business visa application.

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3. Business Cover Letter

One of the requirements that have been added for business visa applications in this Covid 19 season is the business cover letter. The letter should come from the company that invited you to Vietnam. It must be printed showing the company letterhead and displays the complete address of the company. The letter must state your purpose of visit to Vietnam and for how long you will be staying there for business.

4. Health Declaration Form

Another requirement that all travelers must submit in order to be allowed entry to Vietnam during this Covid-19 pandemic is the Health Declaration Form. This form can be downloaded online. Print it out and fill it out completely. Submit this together with the other requirements for the Vietnam business visa application.

5. Visa Application Form

The Vietnam Immigration requires that the business visa will be accomplished online. The form must be printed and submitted along with the other requirements. When filling out the application form, you will be required to provide details about your sponsor. Your sponsor is the Vietnamese company or organization that invited you to the country. If you are a foreign worker, your sponsor is your Vietnamese employer. On the “place of submission”, choose the city to which you will be submitting the documents. For this, you need to look for the nearest Vietnam embassy or consulate in your area.

6. Letter of Invitation

You’re also required to submit a letter of invitation. This letter will come from the organization or company that will be inviting you to Vietnam. The letter should display the company letterhead and includes the address and contact number of the Vietnamese company or organization. It should also indicate the validity of the visa and specify the number of entries needed for the business visa.

Other Requirements for Entry to Vietnam This Covid 19 Season

Aside from the business visa, there are other requirements that you need to accomplish to be allowed entry into the country. As mentioned above, you are required to submit a negative result of the Covid-19 PCR test taken in the past 3 to 5 business days before your entry. The test should be taken by the facility authorized by the World Health Organization.

Aside from the test, you are required to book your quarantine hotel in advance. There’s a list of designated hotels online. Make sure you book for the entire 14 days of your quarantine period and your booking should include transportation from the airport going to the hotel.

What You Should Know For 14-Day Quarantine In Vietnam Due To Covid-19

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