February 25, 2021
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What You Should Know For 14-Day Quarantine In Vietnam Due To Covid-19

Undergoing a 14-Day Quarantine In Vietnam Due To Covid-19

Since the Covid-19 outbreak started last year, Vietnam has imposed several travel restrictions to limit the spread of the virus and protect its citizens. After several months of closing its borders, Vietnamese authorities have decided to open up the borders and allow foreign visitors to enter. However, since the Covid-19 situation is still serious, and the virus is still fast spreading in various countries around the world, authorities will only allow those visitors who have essential reasons to visit Vietnam. These include businessmen, investors, skilled workers, and their respective families.

But entering Vietnam these days would require several requirements. Aside from the visa, foreign visitors are required to apply for an entry permit, submit a negative result of the Covid-19 test, and undergo quarantine upon entry into the country. Here’s what to expect when you quarantine in Vietnam.

Booking a Quarantine Facility

If you’re travelling as a businessman, investor, or skilled worker, you need to have a sponsor company that will apply for an entry permit on your behalf. The sponsor company will send a letter to the People’s Committee of the city in Vietnam where you plan to visit. For instance, if you’re going to Hanoi, then your sponsor company should send a letter to the local People’s Committee in Hanoi to ask for permission to allow you to enter the country. The People’s Committee will also coordinate with the local health authorities for your quarantine.

You will be required to choose a hotel where you will quarantine for 14 days. There’s a list of hotels that are designated for quarantine, and you can choose from the 4-star or 3-star hotels, depending on your budget. In some visitors, it is the sponsor company that will shoulder the quarantine fees. Aside from booking your quarantine hotel, you must also book in advance the vehicle that will pick you up from the airport upon your arrival. That’s because all foreign visitors are prohibited from using public transportation if they have not yet undergone the quarantine.

Quarantine Procedures Upon Arrival in Vietnam

Upon your arrival at the airport of Vietnam, all foreigners will be separated from Vietnamese citizens who are returning home. Everyone will be given a hazmat suit to wear and undergo temperature checks. Those who are showing symptoms will immediately be isolated.

After undergoing the medical check, foreign visitors can proceed with the normal immigration procedures at Passport Control. They will be asked to present their passport, visa, and other requirements for entry into the country. If everything is okay, the visitor’s passport will be stamped for entry into the country.

After exiting the airport terminal, the visitor must then proceed to the vehicle that was pre-booked by the hotel. The foreign visitor will be driven directly to the assigned hotel for quarantine.

What To Expect During Quarantine

During the 14-day quarantine, all foreign visitors are required to follow the health protocols imposed by Vietnam’s local health authorities. The visitor will also be monitored regularly to check if there are any symptoms, which includes temperature checks twice a day. All meals during the entire 14-day quarantine are already included in the hotel booking. Visitors are not allowed to interact with the hotel staff and other guests in person. Communication to the front desk must be done through the phone.

The meals will be left on a table outside the room. Guests can also order from local food deliveries and the food will be left outside. Housekeeping is also not allowed, but the hotel will provide several sets of fresh sheets and towels in the wardrobe, all wrapped in plastic. The guest will be responsible for keeping the room clean and replacing the sheets. Guests can also request laundry service.

No one is allowed to go out of their respective hotel rooms during the entire isolation period. However, all hotels that are designated for quarantine have access to Wi-Fi, so guests can still connect to the Internet so they will not feel bored during isolation.

It’s important that visitors feel comfortable while on quarantine and that they must follow the regulations set to avoid cross-contamination in the quarantine facility. Being isolated for 14 days may not be easy, but they should understand that this is essential for the health and safety of the community.

Things to Bring for Quarantine

You should be prepared for your quarantine. Bring enough clothing and personal items to use for the entire duration of the quarantine period. If you will quarantine with kids and the elderly, as well as pregnant women, make sure you have enough supply of medicine, milk, and the recommended food for their diet.

Visitors who will quarantine are encouraged to bring mobile phones, computers, headset, and other entertainment gadgets. Kids can bring books, toys, comics, or anything to keep them entertained for the entire duration of the quarantine.

After a few days in quarantine, the foreign visitor will be tested for Covid-19. Another test will be conducted in the last few days of quarantine. Only when both results are negative will the guest be allowed to end isolation and free to explore Vietnam to conduct business or start working.

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