February 29, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Cheap Vietnam Visa for Nauru Citizen With 100% Money Back Guarantee 

Are you planning to visit Vietnam within your budget? Then opting for the online way of applying visa is the right choice! Today there are two types of online way to apply a Vietnam visa exists. They are visa on arrival and e-visa. As you know, via visa on arrival, you can only apply for the Vietnam visa to travel via the airport, but with e-visa, you can apply for your cheap Vietnam visa for Nauru citizen to visit Vietnam via the airport, land port, or even via seaport. Also, with e-visa, you don’t have to wait in the port to finish the next visa procedure. All you have to do is, finish the verification process successfully and move ahead.

Cheap Vietnam Visa; How to make it Possible?

To book a cheap Vietnam visa for Nauru citizen, firstly, you have to find a trustworthy travel agency that helps you apply e-visa online. Make sure the travel agency you choose provides offer 100% money-back guarantee in case of visa rejection. Remember, this refund policy will apply for the applicant whose visa rejected by the government or due to the mistake of the travel agency. Also, check with them do they have a 100% risk-free travel agency website to apply for the e-visa online without any hassle. If your trustworthy travel agency and 100% risk-free travel agency website to apply for your e-visa, you can apply for the cheap Vietnam visa for Nauru citizen without any delay and any inconvenience.

Vietnam E-Visa Applying Process

Apply for an e-visa is simple and, at the same time, hassle-free since you will apply for the e-visa via a 100% risk-free travel agency website. Unlike applying for the visa at the embassy, you didn’t have to wait in a long queue and submit your entire original document for applying process. Also, you don’t have to wait in the long queue in the airport immigration office for visa collecting and stamping process. Here you will receive the approved visa, and without any stop, you can visit Vietnam.

The Process…

1st Section 

Have to fill the document with the accurate details, and there should not be any typo or spell mistake in it. And then click on to the express service.

Some of the details asked for the applying process are,

  • Your nationality
  • Visa type
  • Purpose of visa
  • Visa entry and exit date
  • Add on express service
  • And more

2nd Section

Then you have to attach the scanned passport size photo of yours, and the scanned passport front page. Then based on your nationality, you will ask to attach some other needed scanned copy.

3rd Section 

Here you have to make the payment for the e-visa and then submit the application.

You will get the visa shortly within two to three days. If you add on to the rush service, you will get your approved e-visa within two days.

Benefits of Applying for e-visa

Vietnam E-visa comes with moiré benefits than you know, which are listed below here.

  1. With e-visa, you can visit Vietnam via land port, airport, and seaport. Whereas with a visa on arrival visa, you can visit Vietnam via the airport.
  2. You will get your e-visa once it approves.
  3. You can apply for your visa by in your house or office since it is an online visa application process.
  4. All your money that your paid will refund if your visa rejects by the government of Vietnam or by the mistake of a travel agency. Also, if the visa rejects by the mistake of the travel agency, you don’t have to panic, the travel agency takes the full responsibility, and reapply for it to get your visa approves soon before your deadline.
  5. No need to submit your ordinal certificate at the embassy. Also no need to stand in the long queue of both the embassy for applying for a visa and at the international airport of Vietnam for the visa collecting and stamping process.
  6. Your travel agency will help you with the visa application process. Yes, they will help you clear your doubts about the visa application process.
  7. You can add on to the rush service and speed up your visa application process.
  8. With this e-visa, you can apply for both business and tourist purpose visa types.
  9. With this visa, you can visit and stay in the Vitamin for 30 days. If needed, you can extend the period of visa with the help of your travel agency.
  10. Since this visa type is a single entry visa type, you don’t have to spend to apply for this visa.

Final Words

Visiting Vietnam is a great idea to have a fulfill happiness. So, from applying to stay there, everything should move smoothly, and without any inconvenience. So choose the right travel agency with the 100% risk-free website, and apply for the cheap Vietnam visa for Nauru citizen by now.


Here’s the good news for citizens of Nauru who plan on visiting Vietnam soon. Applying for a visa to the country is now so easy.