May 25, 2020
Visa tips

Do Korean Citizens need a Visa for Vietnam?

Vietnam allows Koreans to visit the nation for up to 14 days without visa. However, if your trip is exceeding that time period, you should apply for a visa. The eligibility of the South Korean citizens for the e-visa makes the process considerably easier for them. They just need to fill in an online form. After the approval of the application, the visa follows in a PFD in the e-mail.

E-visa, primarily, is meant for citizens visiting Vietnam for tourism and related activities. Then again, the conditions of the visa can be modified according to individual requirements. This allows them to visit the country for other purposes such as visiting relatives, studying, trading, and more.


Vietnam is considered to be the major travel destination for South Korean citizens. There are frequent Flights between the two countries, while the charges are almost inexpensive.

Vietnam is like the second home for the nationals of South Korea. The flights between Vietnam and South Korea are very much inexpensive and frequent.

Vietnam is a developing land, which has a lot to offer to everyone. Whether it is the tourists or the businessmen looking for opportunities here, it has something for everybody.