May 17, 2020
Visa tips

Documents required for Andorran to apply Vietnam e-visa

Before you apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Andorran passport holders, keep your documents ready near your hand. When you reach the country, make sure to abide by their laws and regulations. Remember, you are there as a guest, and any legal problems could lead to severe punishment.

The documents and information you require are:

  • Valid Andorran passport. The form will ask your Passport number as it is. Also, you will need to provide a copy of the personal information page on your passport. Sample for passport’s bio page.
  • A copy passport size photographs. (4×6 in size, white background, no glasses). Photo Guide
  • Your travel details. The date of your arrival and departure, the airport of arrival and departure, the date range within which you will be staying the country, which hotels and cities you will be staying at. It is imperative that you plan your vacation early and get all the bookings done before you apply for the e-visa.
  • The form will also ask you to provide your personal details like your name, date of birth (format DD/MM/YY), nationality, address, contact details like your phone number, email id and so on.
  • International debit/credit card

Be careful while putting the information as it will allow you to enter a foreign country, thus it is an extremely important form.

How To Make E-Visa Application For Vietnam [Detailed Guide]


Citizens of Andorra are required to have a visa to enter Vietnam. Please find below for options to get a visa for Vietnam: 1.

There is NO embassy or consulate of Vietnam representing in Andorra 🇦🇩. Options for citizens of Andorra getting a visa for Vietnam: Apply online for electronic visa or Vietnam e-visa (30 days, single entry).

We all love going on holidays. We need a little break from work and school once in a while.

For citizens of Andorra, a visit to Vietnam would require a visa. Thankfully, acquiring for a Vietnam visa is now so easy.