July 14, 2020

Documents to Prepare for Lao Bao Land Border Crossing

Just like with crossing any border, you will be required to submit documents when doing a visa run at the Lao Bao Land Border. Here are the documents you need to prepare:

  • Laos Visa Application form
  • Laos visa fee that will cost around $35 per person
  • Original copy of Visa approval letter
  • An original passport copy that’s valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • Vietnam visa stamping fee
  • Vietnamese Visa Application form

Take note that for the Vietnam visa-stamping fee, they will only accept payment in cash, either in USD or VND currency. As for the Laos visa, you can pay in the LAK currency. If you don’t have any local currency with you, there’s no need to worry for you can get your money exchanged from any of the moneychangers in Huong Hoa.

Crossing the Lao Bao Land Border Crossing for your visa runs should be easy. Just make sure you come prepared. Prepare all the documents ahead, most especially your passport and visa. If you need help with this, you can always get in touch with a local agency in Danang to help with your visa run.


Going for a visa run at the Lao Bao Land Border crossing is the cheapest and easiest way to lengthen your stay in Vietnam. This is especially convenient for foreigners who are on a tourist visa and would like to extend the validity of their visa.

The Lao Bao Land Border is located in a small town called Huong Hoa, at the western portion of Quang Tri. This border is pretty crowded since it’s a popular passing route for foreigners on visa runs to Laos.

Located in the province of Quang Tri, the Lao Bao Land Border is one of the most significant borders between Lao and Vietnam. Aside from tourist crossings, the border is also used for commerce and trade.

If you’re traveling to Vietnam by land and you’re coming from Laos, you’ll most likely be passing into the Lao Bao border point. This border is located in a small town in the Quang Tri Province of Vietnam.

While planning for a trip to Vietnam, you need to get a valid visa to enter the country. Specifically, while applying for e-visa, you need to check whether your country is in the Vietnam e-visa eligibility list.