Foreigners and expats in Vietnam who needed to extend their stay in the country would often resort to visa runs. A Vietnam visa run is applicable to those who entered using a visa with a limited stay.

Going for a visa run at the Lao Bao Land Border crossing is the cheapest and easiest way to lengthen your stay in Vietnam. This is especially convenient for foreigners who are on a tourist visa and would like to extend the validity of their visa.

The Lao Bao Land Border is located in a small town called Huong Hoa, at the western portion of Quang Tri. This border is pretty crowded since it’s a popular passing route for foreigners on visa runs to Laos.

Just like with crossing any border, you will be required to submit documents when doing a visa run at the Lao Bao Land Border. Here are the documents you need to prepare: Laos Visa Application form Laos visa fee that will cost around $35 per person Original copy of Visa approval letter An original passport

Located in the province of Quang Tri, the Lao Bao Land Border is one of the most significant borders between Lao and Vietnam. Aside from tourist crossings, the border is also used for commerce and trade.