April 29, 2021

Entry Permit Into Vietnam Via Chu Lai Int’l Airport

Chu Lai International Airport is an airport located in the Quảng Ngãi Province of Vietnam. This is one of the airports that the Vietnam government has recently reopened to allow the entry of foreign visitors during this Covid-19 pandemic. Those who plan on going to Hoi An can enter through this airport, as it’s only one hour drive away from the famous tourist destination.

But before you can enter Vietnam during this time, you need to meet certain requirements. One of these is to apply for an entry permit. In fact, an entry permit is required before you can apply for a visa to Vietnam.

So if you plan on flying to Vietnam soon and you’re entering through Chu Lai International Airport, here’s what you need to know about the Vietnam entry permit.

💡 What is an Entry Permit for Vietnam?

The entry permit is a requirement for all foreign visitors entering Vietnam during this time of the pandemic. This permit is an indication that the Vietnam authorities have agreed to allow your visit. It will be issued by the Vietnam Immigration Authorities, allowing the holder to enter Vietnam during this time.

The entry permit must also be submitted when applying for a visa to Vietnam. These days, all foreigners are required to submit a visa regardless of which country they came from. The visa-free entry scheme is suspended at the moment. Even if you are holding a valid visa or temporary residence card, you are required to apply for a visa to re-enter Vietnam.

💚 What Information Will Be Included in the Entry Permit?

The entry permit will have the following details:

👉 1. Personal details of the foreign visitor.

👉 2. Approved entry and exit date of the permit holder.

👉 3. The place where the Vietnam visa was issued, such as the Vietnam embassy or consulate in the foreign country.

Foreign visitors who are holding a vaccine passport are not exempted from the quarantine and testing. If you are going to Hoi An for a holiday, you will be required to quarantine for 7 days at some of the hotels and resorts in Hoi An. You must make sure to book your hotel in advance and show proof of booking when applying for the visa.

Who are Qualified for Vietnam Entry Permit into Vietnam?

According to the Vietnam Immigration Department and the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam, the following persons are qualified to apply for a Vietnam entry permit:

👉 Foreigners, including diplomats, government officials from other countries, and their family members.

👉 Foreign investors, skilled workers, experts, and their family members.

👉 International students who are enrolled in a school that’s based in Vietnam.

Foreign tourists who are planning to enter Hoi An are also qualified to apply for the entry permit. But they must show proof of being vaccinated. Also, they must quarantine for seven days at a hotel or resort of their choice.

What’s Requirements for Vietnam Entry Permit

When applying for the Vietnam entry permit, you need to have a sponsor company. If you do not have a sponsor company, you can hire an agent that will serve as your sponsor. The agent will be responsible for processing the paperwork and obtaining the entry permit on your behalf.

Below are the requirements that your sponsor company must prepare:

👉 Approval from the local health office of the Provincial People’s Committee. If you are going to Hoi An, then the approval will come from the Local People’s Committee of Hoi An.

👉 Scanned copy of the traveler’s passport.

👉 Copy of the traveler’s valid visa or temporary residence card if there is any.

👉 Application form for the Vietnam entry permit.

👉 Confirmed booking of the hotel or resort for the quarantine accommodation.

👉 Insurance that can cover the cost of treatment for Covid-19 in case the traveler will get sick while in Vietnam.

👉 Copy of the flight ticket. If the flight has not been booked yet, the ticket must be submitted at a later time, once it’s already available.

How to Apply for the Entry Permit into Vietnam

Here are the steps on how to apply for the Vietnam entry permit.

👉 First, the sponsor company must prepare all the requirements mentioned above.

👉  Next, documents must be submitted to the issuing authority, which is at the Vietnam Immigration Department.

👉 After about three business days, the Vietnam Immigration Department will issue the entry permit. This will be given to the sponsor company and the sponsor company will forward the permit to you.

Once you have the entry permit, you can now apply for your visa to Vietnam. The visa can be applied from any of the Vietnam Embassy or consulate near you. If you live far from the embassy, you can get assistance from an agency in Vietnam to apply for the visa on your behalf.


The Vietnamese government is now allowing the entry of foreigners to Hoi An, but only those who can show proof of vaccination. Aside from the vaccination certificate, all foreign visitors are also required to apply for a visa.