January 25, 2020
Visa On Arrival

Four steps to get Vietnam visa on arrival via Hue city Airport!

If Vietnam is your next travel destination, here are a few things you should know about the visa process. If you plan to travel to Vietnam through an International flight, there is a legitimate alternative. Use it to get a visa stamp from the Embassy of Vietnam in your own country. It is much cheaper and simpler, called visa on arrival. The visa issued by Vietnam on arrival service is the same as the visa issued by the Vietnamese consulate or Embassy. It has the same condition and limitation attached to its usage.

Vietnam visa on arrival via Hue city Airport:

The Vietnam visa on arrival via Hue city Airport paperwork doesn’t mean a full visa. Besides, it is that you use an agent before you arrive at the Hue city Airport. To get a letter of approval that you present to Vietnam on arrival counter where you will land. Besides, you will receive your passport back with an official visa affixed upon completing the visa processing fee.

The fees charged by visa on arrival agents depend on the type of visa you choose to get. Also, beware that the three months multiple entry visas are subject to restrictions sometimes. So before you finalize your plans about arriving and departure from Vietnam, check whether you can get your visa on the required date. It is the number of days that the visa is valid should taken into account.

How to obtain your approval letter?

Applying for a visa on arrival letter for approval is very easy. You can pay online. You will fill some of the information as follows.

  • Your full name it should be as it is in your passport
  • Present nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Passport expiry date
  • Passport number
  • Proposed time of arrival: This is the date you want your visa to start from. The arrival date itself should be the start date of the visa. You can enter any later date within your exit date. However, not before it, so make sure you take the time zone differences as well into account.
  • Purpose of visit

Vietnam visa on arrival via Hue city Airport:

If you are taking your children with you to Vietnam and if they have passports, they also should apply for Vietnam visa on arrival via Hue city Airport. After entering all the information online and getting a confirmation email, you will direct to a website where you will pay your fee to the agency. In 2 to 3 days, you will get your approval letter via an email.

  • If you concerned about security and privacy, you can ask the visa on arrival for a private approval letter.
  • Besides, make sure that your surname given and the entry and exit dates are correct. Be sure the approval letter permits you to enter and exit Vietnam multiple times if you have applied for a multiple entry visa. You cannot enter Vietnam before the stated entry date. You cannot use the approval letter at any land border crossing but the airports.
  • Make a printout of your entire approval letter and don’t forget to take it with you. You might also receive an entry and exit form, which is a two-page document. In other cases, the agent will have this form to download from their site. Its recommended strongly to fill your form in advance to save your time upon arrival.
  • If you are unsure about any of the procedures, you can call them through phone or mail them your queries, for they will be available 24/7 to answer you.

Steps to get visa on arrival:

1. Secure online application form:

You should enter some of your personal information.

  • Full name
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Date of birth
  • Date of arrival
  • Type of visa
  • Vietnam visa service fee

Also, double-check to make sure all the information you have entered in the form is correct. You can also select other services like cab pickup or Fast track service if required.

You can make the payment with your debit or credit card.

2. Get the visa approval letter:

Get your approval letter and prepare for getting your visa stamped on arrival. After one working day for urgent services or two working days for normal services, you would get a visa approval letter via an email. Please print it out and also the entry and exit form.

Fill the entry and exit form, Prepare Stamping fee, two passport size photographs and have it with you.

Put all the items mentioned above along with your passport in a package and hand it over to the immigration officer.

3. Get your visa stamped on arrival:

Upon arriving at the Hue city Airport, you will present all these things to the immigration officer. He will cross-check all the details entered and give a visa stamp.

Booking Vietnam visa on arrival via Hue city Airport you save time wasted at the airport waiting in the long queue. We also recommend you to use airport Fast Track services.

Airport visa procedure and payment process:

The visa on arrival handled by the department of immigration staff at the airport. You must have your visa processing fee as currency in US dollars. Because they don’t accept credit or debit cards.

Get Vietnam visa on arrival via Hue city Airport through a reliable agency to enter the country and enjoy a wonderful holiday.