August 10, 2020
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Getting a Visa for Internship in Vietnam

Taking an internship in Vietnam is a great way to get acquainted with a new culture and work environment, which prepares you for the life ahead. Regardless of the industry that you have chosen to work in, interning in Vietnam is an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. There are lots of internship opportunities that are waiting for young professionals in Vietnam. Vietnam has a rapidly growing economy and several multinational countries are expanding in the country.

All foreigners who will be taking internships in Vietnam must obtain a DH student visa or intern visa. There are also some companies and non-government organizations that will offer informal and unpaid internship opportunities to some foreigners holding a tourist visa. But take note that it’s not legal for tourists to be taking jobs in Vietnam. You need to have the right visa if you want to take up formal internships in the country.

Procedures for Internship Visa Applications

If you will take up a paid internship through a company, it is the company’s responsibility to process the internship visa. The company will handle all the procedures involved in the visa application. You just need to send in a copy of your passport and some other important information needed for the processing of your visa. It will take approximately a week for the internship visa to be processed.

There are also instances where you will be responsible for the processing of your intern visa. In this case, you will have to go to the Vietnam embassy in your country to fill out the visa application form. Another option is to contact an agency in Vietnam that can process the visa on your behalf. If you will go through an agency, you can send in your application online. Whether you apply through an embassy or an agency, you will have to pay the administrative fees and acceptance fees.

If a company is sponsoring your internship in Vietnam, then they might shoulder the fees involved in the processing of your internship visa. But take note that if you will apply for a formal internship from a company in Vietnam, you will be asked to provide proof of qualification or certification to validate your profession.

Industries that Accept Interns in Vietnam

Depending on your qualifications and educational attainment, there are various industries in Vietnam where interns are in great demand. Of course, you can always choose to apply in an industry that’s different from your profession. But you will have higher chances of getting accepted if you will work in an industry of your field. Below are some of the industries in Vietnam that are known to hire foreign interns.

  • Information and Computer Technology

Vietnam has a fast-growing IT industry, so it’s not surprising why IT companies are in great need of interns. These companies would seek foreign interns who have experience working in some of the biggest IT companies in the world. They will hire computer engineers and other IT professionals that can be a big help for their company in Vietnam.

  • Education

It’s no secret that Vietnam is investing a lot in their youth’s education. They believe that the future of their country lies in the hands of their youth. So if you are in the field of education, you will not have a hard time looking for internship opportunities in Vietnam. Schools all over the country are hiring for teachers, primarily in the English language field.

  • Tourism

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia, Vietnam’s tourism economy is growing rapidly. So if you will choose to work in the field of tourism, then there’s plenty for you to choose from. Working in the tourism industry is also a great way to learn the many facets of Vietnam’s tourism industry. And if you love traveling a lot, then this is your chance to explore the various attractions in the country while learning more about the local culture.

  • Agriculture

The agricultural industry of Vietnam is thriving. So if you are in the field of agriculture or you want to learn more about the country’s agricultural industry, then this is the right opportunity for you. Interning in the field of agriculture will expose you to the different agricultural techniques that you will not otherwise learn in your home country. You will also learn about the advantages and disadvantages of modernization and industrialization in the agricultural economy of Vietnam.

Looking for an Internship in Vietnam

Looking for internship opportunities in Vietnam may not be as easy as looking for a job in your country, but the experience is truly worth it. It might take a while before you will be accepted, but if your dream is to work in a country and experience a new culture, then you should definitely go for it.

Start by contacting the Foreign Chambers of Commerce. They would be happy to assist you in searching for internship opportunities and will also address any concerns you might have when it comes to getting a Vietnam visa for an internship.

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Taking an internship abroad is an exciting experience, especially if you will choose to go to the beautiful country of Vietnam. An internship in Vietnam will offer valuable experiences that you cannot experience anywhere else.