January 18, 2020
Meet and Assist

Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Assist

Ho Chi Minh City Airport concierge service offers the best proficient, customized air terminal help for travelers in Ho Chi Minh city International Airport, both pre-planned and in crises.

The services likewise give airplane ground taking care of service to sanctions in Ho Chi Minh city International Airport. You may know the Ho Chi Minh City as Saigon, a city that reverberates with French-impacted food and engineering.

It is additionally home to probably the busiest air terminal in Vietnam. The Ho Chi Minh city Airport Assistance encourages you quickly get through the air terminal systems by keeping your ticket prepared and other departing formalities.

Further, overlook the crowds and disregard the problems at the Airport with the service. The meet and assist specialist will also deal with your baggage and the tickets.

They will speed up the lines in Ho Chi Minh City Airport. They help you to quickly track the air terminal checkpoints and help to make a consistent encounter.

Thus, Handover your stress in addition with your documents and visa stamping expenses to the service staff. Therefore, they will deal with every one of the services from arrival to your departure, to guarantee just as to give a smooth travel experience.

Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Assist services

Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Assist services to help you in avoiding the long lines after your arrival or departure from the Airport.

At arrival at the Airport, the staff will welcome you to the arrival gate and escorts you towards the resting lounge. Thus, you can sit and relax after a long tiring flight at the lounge. And your assistance agent will take all your essential documents along with the visa stamping fees to process your visa immigration procedure. And after within few minutes, they will provide you the passport with the visa stamp on the same.

The arrival services include:

  • Exclusive one-to-one meets and greets service at the arrival gate
  • Fast-track through the immigration, custom and passport control
  • Assists through the luggage collection
  • Porter service
  • Escort service provided to your vehicle

In the same manner, when you departures from Vietnam. The administration staff helps you from your vehicle to the registration counter to the VIP air terminal lounge…the entire route to the airplane passage and everything in the middle. This is venture to every part of the manner in which it ought to be—in solace and style. The specialists are experienced, subtle, and dependable and prepared to address every one of your issues. At Ho Chi Minh City Airport, you will be Fast Track through settlements and customs upon worldwide appearance or Fast Track through check-in and security upon your flight. Thus, the departure service includes:

  • Luggage Porter Service
  • Fast-track service through check-in,

Immigration and passport control and security

  • Access to Lounge if you have opted
  • Escort you towards the boarding or departure gate

Meet and assist service types

There are two options available to choose from for the meet and assist service. You can select the one which meets your need or requirements. The styles are:

  • Standard meet and asset service
  • VIP meets and assists service

What is the Baggage porter’s service?

The baggage porter assistance service is an additional service which can be availed by the travelers with the concierge service. It further allows you to take the burden of managing your luggage after arriving at the Airport. The service will enable you to relax at the airport lounge, and meanwhile, the porter service staff will handle your stuff. The porter service is available at the time you arrive at or departs from the Vietnam airport.

How does the service work?

You have to follow the steps below to process Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Assist service. Follow the five steps below, such as:

  • At the time of applying for the Vietnam visa on arrival visa type, you also need to tick on the fast track or meet or assist service at the consultant webpage.
  • After opting for the option, provide all your necessary details like your arrival details, flight number to the service provider.
  • After confirming your details, arrive at the Ho Chi Minh City Airport. At the Airport, the service staff with our name on the signboard will welcome you.
  • Then you don’t need to stand in the queue to complete your immigration formalities; the service staff will comply with the help and assist you towards the process.
  • After completing the procedure, you need to collect your baggage, and the staff will escort you towards the terminal gate. Then you can take your vehicle to reach your hotel. Further, you can even opt for the baggage porter service as well.

Thus, it is an optional service for travelers to opt, especially if you are the one who wants to avoid the long queues. In addition to the same, if you are traveling in a huge group, traveling Vietnam for the firsts time, traveling with infants or pregnant ladies. Therefore, the service is beneficial for you.


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