May 23, 2020
Visa tips

How To Apply Vietnam E-visa For Estonian?

Applying for the Vietnam e-visa for Estonian citizens is so easy. There are no complicated steps to do. In fact, there are only three steps that you need to follow. Here’s how to apply for this type of visa:

  1. Visit the official website of the Vietnam e-visa.
  2. Fill-out the online application form and upload a scanned copy of your passport’s bio page (Sample for passport’s bio page) and a digital photo of your face (Photo guide)..
  3. Make a payment.

After you make a payment and submit a visa, you’ll receive a confirmation that your visa is already being processed. There will also be a code that will be given to you, which you need to take note of. You will need this code later to download a copy of your e-visa, once it is approved.


The cost of getting a Vietnam e-visa will vary. For citizens of Estonia, the e-visa processing fee is $25.

So what are the requirements needed for Estonian Citizens to apply Vietnam e-visa? Refer below for the list. Estonian passport that’s valid for at least six months from your entry to Vietnam.

In order to get the e-visa application form accepted by the visa authority, it is important to submit the necessary documents with the application form. The documents that you need for Vietnam e-visa are: An Estonian passport that is valid for a period of 6 months from the date you have arrived in the country.

Citizens of Estonia are required to have a visa to enter Vietnam. Citizens of Estonia are advised to find below for options to get a visa for Vietnam: 1.

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Estonia 🇪🇪? In Estonia, there is no Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate located at the moment. To get your visa from a Vietnam representative office, please come in person or contact via email/fax/telephone to other Vietnam embassies/consulates in one of your neighboring countries.

There is NO embassy or consulate of Vietnam representing in Estonia 🇪🇪. Options for citizens of Estonia getting a visa for Vietnam: Apply online for electronic visa or Vietnam e-visa (30 days, single entry).

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam? Then you must be looking for a Vietnam e-visa for Estonian. If so, then you need to come across the process of e-visa.

Last February 2017, the Vietnam government has introduced the e-visa option for foreign travelers who plan to come to their country. This is their way of attracting tourists to check out the beautiful things that their country has to offer.