March 15, 2021
Business Visa

How To Get Vietnam Business Visa for American Citizens in the Covid-19 Season

In order to invite foreign businessmen and investors to visit Vietnam, Vietnamese authorities have now reopened their borders and resumed the issuance of business visas. So if you’re an American citizen and you needed to go to Vietnam for some business matters, you can now apply for a business visa to enter the country.

But take note that you need to have a sponsor company that will apply for the visa on your behalf. So if a Vietnam-based company is inviting you to come to the country, then that company can serve as your sponsor company and will be responsible for applying for your business visa from the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

Who Can Enter Vietnam In This Covid 19 Season?

Applying for a Business Visa to Vietnam for American Citizens

Here are the steps to applying for a business visa to Vietnam during this Covid-19 pandemic.

  1. First of all, your sponsor company should request a travel permit from the Local People’s Committee of the city that you will be visiting. So if you’re going to Ho Chi Minh, then the request should be sent to the Local People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. If they will approve your visit, a travel permit will be issued.
  2. Next, the sponsor company should apply for your business visa from the Vietnam Immigration Department. The travel permit must be submitted in order for your business visa to be approved.
  3. Once your business visa is approved, it will be forwarded to you by your sponsor company and you can now book your flight to Vietnam.

Restrictions and Quarantine When Entering Vietnam During Covid 19

Aside from the business visa, entering Vietnam these days requires several other requirements. So before you book your flight, make sure you have these requirements sorted.

Before Entry

  • All visitors entering Vietnam these days would be quarantined for 14 days upon entry. The quarantine will be done at some hotels that were designated as quarantine facilities by the Vietnamese government. You must shoulder the cost of quarantine, and you need to book the hotel in advance because you will be required to show proof of booking upon entry to Vietnam. Since you can’t take public transportation, your hotel booking should include an airport pickup.
  • Before flying to Vietnam, all visitors should undergo a Covid-19 test. The test must be done 3 to 5 days before their trip to Vietnam and must be performed at a WHO-certified laboratory in the United States. It should indicate that the visitor is negative of the Covid-19 virus.
  • Another important requirement that all foreign visitors to Vietnam should have is insurance. The insurance must have Covid-19 coverage. That way, in case you get sick of the virus during your stay, the insurance will shoulder the cost for treatment. If you cannot provide proof of insurance, your sponsor company can submit a document that they agree to shoulder the cost of your treatment in case you will get infected with the Covid-19 virus.

Upon Entry

When you arrive at the airport of Vietnam, you will be checked for symptoms of the Covid-19 virus. Anyone who is showing symptoms will be isolated and tested. If the result is positive, the traveler will be taken to a medical facility to be treated. But if the result is negative, then the passenger can proceed directly to the hotel to start their 14-day quarantine.

At the Quarantine Facility

When undergoing quarantine, all visitors must follow the health and safety measures that the local health authorities have implemented to fight the spread of Covid-19. They should not go out of their hotel room and mingle with the community. And if they start to develop symptoms like fever and cough, they should report it to the local health authorities as soon as possible.

While on isolation, the visitor will be tested for Covid-19 twice. The first test will be conducted on their sixth day of quarantine while the second test will be done on their last day of quarantine. They can only end their quarantine if both tests will turn out negative. In the event that they will test positive, they will be taken to a hospital to be treated.

Consult with a Local Agency for Assistance

American citizens who need help in traveling to Vietnam these days should get help from a local agency. The agency can assist in getting a travel permit, which is a very important requirement when applying for a visa. These agencies will make the process easier for you since they are familiar with the steps involved.

Those who do not have a sponsor company but need to visit Vietnam for some important reasons can have the agency sponsor their trip. The agency will apply for the business visa on their behalf and help with booking the hotel for their quarantine stay.


Apart from the lengthy and confusing procedure of the traditional visa application, the process of applying for the Vietnam E-Visa for American Citizens is way easy and very convenient. However, there are some fields that are must to fill, and the answers should be 100% correct.

Citizens of the United States who are traveling to Vietnam must first secure a visa before they can enter the country. The good news is that acquiring a visa to Vietnam is now so easy for US passport holders.