March 15, 2021
Business Visa

How To Get Vietnam Business Visa for Chinese Citizens in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Vietnam’s borders are now open for international visitors, including Chinese citizens, but authorities will only allow the entry of those with essential reasons to visit the country. These include Chinese businessmen who need to go to Vietnam for business purposes.

China is one of the biggest investors in Vietnam, so it’s no surprise why many Chinese businessmen would come to the country regularly. Aside from businessmen, Vietnam will also allow the entry of foreign skilled workers and experts who are working on some important projects in the country.

But before anyone can enter Vietnam these days, a visa is needed. Here’s how Chinese citizens can apply for a business visa to Vietnam.

Who Can Enter Vietnam In This Covid 19 Season?

Applying for a Business Visa to Vietnam for Chinese Citizens

All business visitors to Vietnam need to have a sponsor company. So if you have been invited by a Vietnam-based company in the country, then that company should sponsor your visit. The company will also be responsible for applying for your business visa. Here’s how.

  • Step 1 – Your sponsor company should write a letter to the Local People’s Committee about your visit. The letter should mention your purpose of visit and some details about the work that you need to do in Vietnam.
  • Step 2 – Once the Local People’s Committee will allow your entry, they will issue the travel permit. The travel permit must be submitted to the Vietnam Immigration Department in order for your business visa to be processed.
  • Step 3 – When your visa is approved, you can now book your flight to Vietnam.

Restrictions and Quarantine When Entering Vietnam During Covid 19

It is not enough that you have a visa to go to Vietnam. There are several other requirements that you need to accomplish when visiting Vietnam this Covid 19 pandemic. This is to ensure the safety of everyone because the virus is still spreading very fast in some other countries around the world. Here are some of the restrictions and requirements that every traveler needs to fulfill when going to Vietnam these days.

Before Entry

  • All foreign visitors will be quarantined for 14 days upon entry. Thus, a hotel booking will be required when flying to the country. There are various hotels around Vietnam that the government has designated for quarantine, so you need to book your stay at any of them. The booking should be good for 14 days.
  • Before flying to Vietnam, all travelers should undergo a Covid-19 test at least 3 to 5 days before their flight. The test should show that the traveler is negative for the Covid-19 virus. Above all, it must be done by a laboratory in China that’s certified by the World Health Organization.
  • Visitors are also required to have insurance that could cover the cost of Covid-19 treatment just in case they get sick. For those who do not have insurance, the sponsor company will be asked to submit a note that they agree to pay for the cost of treatment in case the visitor gets sick.

Upon Entry

Upon arriving at the airport of Vietnam, all travelers will undergo a random medical check to determine if they have any symptoms of Covid-19. Those who will show symptoms will be isolated and tested for Covid-19. If the result is positive, the traveler will be brought to a hospital for treatment. If negative, he or she can proceed to the hotel to undergo 14 days quarantine.

At the Quarantine Facility

While isolating at the quarantine facility, all visitors must adhere to the health and safety measures that were put in place to prevent the spread of the virus. They should not get into contact with any person outside of their hotel room. And if they start to develop symptoms, such as fever and cough, they should contact the health authorities immediately.

On the sixth day of isolation, the visitor will be tested for Covif-19. Anyone who will show that they are positive for the virus will be taken to a medical facility. But if the result is negative again, they can continue with their quarantine. On the last day of isolation, they will be tested again, and will only be released if the result is negative.

Consult with a Local Agency for Assistance

The process of traveling to Vietnam these days can get really complicated. There are so many requirements that you should submit and this can get really overwhelming. If you need help, get in touch with a local agency in Vietnam. The agency can assist you in applying for a travel permit, visa, and in booking your hotel for quarantine.

Chinese citizens who are eligible for entry into Vietnam but do not have any sponsor company can also get assistance from the local agency. The agency will facilitate the application of your Vietnam visa and all the other requirements needed for your stay in the country.


The reason that most of the people opt for the online mode of application for the Vietnam e-visa from China is the hassle free application process that it offers. Firstly, you don’t need to rush to the concerned embassy time and again along with the essential documents for submission.

If you are holding an old Chinese passport and not the e-passport, you can go ahead and apply for a Vietnam e-visa to use for your trip to Vietnam. So how do you apply for the e-Visa? Applying for the e-Visa is easy.

Sure, the Vietnam e-visa is a convenient and easy way to get a visa to Vietnam. Unfortunately, Chinese citizens holding e-passport cannot avail of this visa.

The Vietnam e-visa is one of the latest types of visas that Vietnam has introduced to foreign travelers. Unlike the other visas that you need to apply from a Vietnam embassy, the application of e-visa is done online.