March 11, 2021
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How To Get Vietnam Business Visa for Japanese Citizens in the Covid-19 Pandemic?

When the Covid-19 pandemic started, Vietnam immediately closed its borders to prevent the spread of the virus. This has left many foreigners unable to enter Vietnam, including Japanese citizens. Thankfully, there is now a way for foreigners to enter Vietnam.

To enter Vietnam this Covid-19 season, you must have an essential reason. Therefore, foreign visitors who are traveling for tourism or leisure purposes are still not allowed to enter. But if you are a Japanese national and you need to visit Vietnam for business, then you are welcome to enter the country. However, it does come with several requirements including a Vietnamese sponsor company that will apply for a business visa on your behalf.

Changes to Vietnam Visas Due to Covid-19

Before the pandemic, Japanese nationals are able to enter Vietnam with no need to apply for a visa. That’s because they are among those foreigners who are eligible for the Visa exemption program. As a Japanese national, they can enter the country visa-free and stay for up to 14 days. However, the visa exemption program has been suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the only way that a Japanese national can enter Vietnam these days is to apply for a Vietnam business visa. And as mentioned above, you need to have a sponsor company that will process the visa on your behalf.

Who Can Enter Vietnam During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

It was in November 2020 that Vietnam started opening its borders to foreign visitors. But because the Covid-19 virus is still spreading rapidly all over the world, the government has decided to limit the entry to visitors who have essential reasons to visit Vietnam. These include the following types of visitors:

  • Entrepreneurs and foreign investors
  • Foreign diplomats
  • Skilled workers and experts of businesses working on projects that are deemed important by the Vietnamese Government
  • Vietnamese Nationals returning home
  • Visitors on official duty and special caseworkers

Vietnam Business Visa Requirements for Japanese Citizens

When applying for a Vietnam business visa, you must have the following:

  • A Vietnamese sponsor company.
  • Your sponsor company must send a letter to the Local People’s Committee and provide legitimate reasons for your entry.
  • The specific details of your job must also be provided including your travel plans.
  • A confirmed booking from the designated hotels for your 14 day quarantine period.
  • Pre-booked private transportation that will pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel.

Process of Applying for a Vietnam Business Visa this Covid-19 Pandemic

Here are the steps to apply for the Vietnam business visa:

  1. First, your Vietnam sponsor company must send a letter to the Local People’s Committee asking permission for your visit.
  2. When approved, the Local People’s Committee will issue a travel permit. Your sponsor company must submit this to the Vietnam Immigration Department to apply for your business visa. The sponsor company will also submit additional requirements needed for the visa, such as your passport copy.
  3. Once the business visa is issued, you can now book your flight tickets to Vietnam.

As you see, the process of applying for a business visa to Vietnam is different before the Covid days. You need to have a sponsor company that will apply for the business visa on your behalf. Also, the process could take longer.

You will also be required to have insurance that includes Covid-19 coverage. But if you do not have insurance, your sponsor company must be willing to shoulder the cost of your treatment in case you get sick for Covid-19.

Procedures and Documents Required to Apply for a Visa to Enter Vietnam During Covid-19 Season

Covid-19 Test and Quarantine Requirements

Aside from getting a business visa, there are several other requirements that you need to accomplish before you can fly to Vietnam. One of these is a negative result of a Covid-19 test. The test must be conducted at least 3 to 5 days before your flight to Vietnam. It should be performed by a WHO-approved testing facility in Japan. The certificate must be presented when checking in for your flight. Without this, you will not be allowed to board your flight to Vietnam.

Aside from the test, all foreign visitors will also be asked to undergo a 14-day quarantine when visiting Vietnam during this Covid-19 pandemic. There is a list of hotels in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Danang that the Vietnamese government has designated as quarantine facilities. You must book any of these hotels only for your quarantine. The confirmed booking will also be asked upon your entry to Vietnam.

Since foreign visitors are not allowed to take public transportation before quarantine, you must book a vehicle in advance that will take you to your hotel coming from the airport. The vehicle will be waiting for you at the airport on arrival and will drive you directly to your hotel for quarantine.

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Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam has to close its borders to foreign visitors. But now that the world is trying to go back to normal, Vietnamese authorities are slowly and cautiously opening the borders.

The procedure to apply for a Vietnam e-visa for Japanese is very simple and easy. You just need to fill in the online visa application form.

The applicants for the Vietnam e-visa for Japanese must take careful steps before they think of applying for an e-visa online. One small mistake might ruin the entire process or might lead to the cancellation of your visa at the last minute.

If you are a Japanese citizen applying for the Vietnam e-visa for Japanese, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Keep your documents ready before you apply as this is an extremely important document that will allow access to a different country and any mistake could lead to serious trouble.

If you are travelling to a foreign country, you have to prepare one other important thing than your bag – that is, your documents. When you are travelling to a foreign country, two documents that you will absolutely need is you passport and visa.

The Vietnam e-visa for Japanese citizens is a type of visa that will allow you to enter Vietnam in a single entry for a maximum stay of 30 days or one month. You can use the visa for tourism, business, or transit purposes.