April 24, 2021
Visa Extension

How to Hire An Agent For Your Visa Extension in Nha Trang City

Nha Trang is an ideal place to live for foreigners who wanted to be close to nature. It’s a lovely Vietnamese city that has beautiful beaches and parks. Because of this, some foreigners have chosen to stay longer than they are supposed to.

Remember that if you will choose to extend your stay in Nha Trang, make sure that your visa remains valid. Or else, you will be charged with overstaying and have to pay expensive penalty fees and with a possibility to be deported.

To avoid any problems, consider hiring an agent for your visa extension in Nha Trang City. The agent will request Vietnam Immigration to extend the validity of your visa. That way, you will be able to stay longer in Vietnam without any issues.

Khanh Hoa Immigration Office

What is a Visa Extension?

But what exactly is a visa extension? Visa extension refers to the process of extending your visa’s validity. So if your visa is only valid for 30 days, when you apply for a visa extension, you can extend its validity to 30 more days. As a result, you can stay in Vietnam for a total of 60 days. Take note that you cannot apply for an extension of more than the original validity of your visa. So if your visa is valid for 30 days, you cannot apply for an extension of more than 30 days. In addition, you will only be allowed to extend your visa a maximum of two times.

You can apply for the visa extension directly from the Vietnam Immigration Office of Nha Trang. However, you will have higher chances of getting approved if you go through an agent. With the help of an agent, you do not need to bother about going to the Immigration Office to apply for the visa yourself. All you need to do is to fill out the application form and submit the required documents. The agent will facilitate the visa extension on your behalf and will make sure that it’s approved before your visa expires.

How To Hire an Agent for your Visa Extension in Nha Trang City?

Here’s what you need to do when hiring an agent for your visa extension in Nha Trang.

👉 1. The first step is to search for a reliable agent online. You will find plenty of them now. In fact, you will be provided with a long list of agents on your search. Make sure you choose a legitimate agent that’s capable of providing you excellent quality of service. Browse through their website to find out more about them and the services that they provide.

👉 2. If you found the agent that you believe is reliable, send the agent a message to inquire about the visa extension. Find out what requirements are needed, the cost that you will have to pay, and the process involved.

👉 3. If you will proceed with the visa extension application, the agent will ask you to fill out the NA5 form. This form is available for you to download online. Print the form and fill it out completely. After that, the agent will collect the completed form from you along with your passport and other requirements. The agent will then collect the payment of the processing fee. Form NA5 for visa extension.

👉 4. After about a week, the agent will update you regarding your visa extension. If Vietnam Immigration has already approved it, they will send you back your passport with the new visa stamp attached to it. Check the stamp so you will know what the new validity is.

Benefits of Hiring an Agent for Your Visa Extension in Nha Trang City

You might be thinking of applying for the visa extension by yourself to save on the processing fees. But remember that you do not speak the local language and there are many instances that the Vietnam Immigration Office will require foreigners to submit additional requirements before they approve the extension of your visa. This can be a challenge and could further delay the processing of your visa extension. With the help of the agent, your visa will be extended faster with no issues.

The agent is knowledgeable about all things related to Vietnam Immigration. So if you need help with other issues, the agent would be happy to assist you on these as well. Furthermore, the agent can also help in expediting the processing of your visa extension if your visa is due to expire soon.

As you can see, there are many benefits that come with hiring an agent for your visa extension in Nha Trang City. So even if you will pay more for their fees, doing so will be worth it. Since your visa will be extended faster, you can save money from having to pay for the penalty fees that come with overstaying.


The Vietnam visa extension service for foreigners in Nha Trang City is a good option for those who wanted to stay longer in the country without the need to apply for a new visa. With a visa extension, the validity of your visa will be extended.

If you are a foreigner based in Nha Trang and you plan on staying in the city for a longer time, you can apply for a visa renewal. With a visa renewal, your existing visa will be renewed so you won’t have to exit the country once your visa expires.

Nha Trang is one of the most cities in Vietnam where there is a growing community of ex-pats. This coastal city is a popular stop for tourists heading to Ho Chi Minh from Hanoi.

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Here’s below the location in Nha Trang city for COVID-19 Testing. The following COVID-19 Testing location is officially pointed by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.

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