July 14, 2020
Visa tips

How To Use the Vietnam e-visa at Vinh Xuong Landport

You should prepare a printed copy of the e-visa before leaving for your trip. Otherwise, you will be denied entry at the Vinh Xuong Landport border. If you can, print two copies of the visa so you will have a spare copy in case the other copy is lost.

When you arrive at the Vinh Xuong Landport border gate, look for the immigration counter. Here, submit your passport and your visa copy. The Immigration Officer will verify these documents and will stamp you for entry after verification.


The process of applying for the Vietnam e-visa is easy. Here’s how to go about it: Visit the official website of the Vietnam e-visa application system.

The Vĩnh Xương landport is one of the border gates that tourists crossing to Vietnam from Cambodia will be passing through. This is one of the international border gates that Vietnam shares with Cambodia.

So you are planning to visit Vietnam. Vietnam has become a popular destination among backpackers and travellers.