February 6, 2020
Meet and Greet

Important aspects of Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Greet

Vietnam is a country that receives a lot of tourists throughout the year. Starting from beaches to a hill station, you can explore everything in the country. Through Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Greet services, the travellers will get an opportunity to visit Ho Chi Minh City. But to explore the country, the traveller needs to have a visa. Without having a visa, the person will not be able to enter the country. A large number of foreigners travel through the airways, and that is why; to help the foreigners, the Meet and Greet services have come into existence.

About Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet And Greet services.

The Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Greet services have helped a lot of tourists. When a tourist avails for this service, he or she does not need to stand in the queue for long hours to get the stamp on the visa. The service will help in understanding the visa process quite quickly, and the process is stress-free. There are two types of meet and greet services available, and a tourist needs to register for one of them when he or she is registering for this service.

Standard Meet and greet services

When a tourist registers for Meet and greet services after a tourist arrives at the airport, staff from Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Greet services will come and escort you. Then he or she will guide you towards the visa counter from where he or she needs to get a stamp on the visa.

VIP Meet and greet service

When you register your name for VIP Meet and greet service, and after you arrive at Tan Son Nhat airport, you will get invited by their staff. The airport authorities will take you to the visa counter as well as towards the identification control counter. A porter will be provided to you who will take care of your belongings and will be there with you through the process. After you get a stamp on the visa, they will guide you to the taxi service.

On arrival, the meet and greet services, guarantee you with the best and safe facility so that you feel relaxed and free to explore the country after having the stamp on the visa. This service will directly take you to the visa counter without wasting much time. By availing this service, you will be able to complete the process within a short time and the staff who will come to escort you are highly qualified English speaking staff. In that case, there is no need to worry about the visa process as well.

Benefits of Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Greet services

The benefits of availing meet and greet services are as follows.

Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Greet for transit purpose

The meet and greet services help those tourists who come to the country for a transit purpose. While availing this service for the transit purpose, you will be escorted by the team member at the arrival gate. Then you will be explained about the flight procedure, and they will guide you through the terminals so that you can reach the departure gate as early as possible. These services will help you to get a stamp on the visa easily and quickly.

Saving the period

You must be thinking about what the need is to register for these services? But you will understand this after you get down at Tan Son Nhat airport. If you do not avail of this service, then you need to stay for hours in the queue to get a stamp on the visa. But if you register for this service, then you will be able to complete the process within a few minutes, and you can proceed to your hotel.

At a glance

As Vietnam is a country that is quite popular among the tourists, so you must know about the service so that you can avail of this service when you are visiting the country next time.


Whenever we are opting for the airport fast track service. Then the most common query we have is that is the service charge we are paying for it is having a worth or not? It is because the amounts you pay for the fast track service not only ease out your airport transition.

When it comes to traversing across the Ho Chi Min city, the Tan Son Nhat airport is the sole airport terminal. It would help if you turned up.

Vietnam is a popular place among tourists from all over the world. Each year thousands of people visit the country, beckoned by the beauty, its colourful streets, its intriguing role in world history and much more.

Vietnam is a nation that strives to welcome each of its visitors wholeheartedly at each of its airports. Especially, if you turn up at the Tan Son Nhat Airport, you can feel that even more.

Completing your visa formalities is one of the most time-consuming element. It is also one of the complicated aspects of traveling to a new nation.

So, you are planning to visit Vietnam and spend your quality time with your family there. That’s great; you have chosen the right destination for your quality time.

Vietnam’s lush landscapes and good culture are enough to entice any traveller willing to have a refreshing experience. Whether you are visiting the country for leisure or business, Vietnam can certainly make your stay pleasant and memorable.

Travelers often face a lot of difficulties when they have to stay at the airport. One of the busiest airports in Vietnam includes the Tan Son Nhat airport.

It is one of the most common questions asked by many foreigners who visit Vietnam. In fact, many travelers who visit Vietnam find it difficult to complete the visa process on time at the Tan Son Nhat Airport.