March 9, 2023

Introducing the Vietnam Embassy in Abuja: All You Need to Know

Are you searching for a reliable source of information and assistance related to Vietnam in Abuja? Look only as far as the Vietnam Embassy in Abuja. Located at 9 River Niger Street, Maitama 904101, Abuja, the Vietnam Embassy provides various services to people interested in Vietnam’s travel, business, and investment opportunities.

The Vietnam Embassy in Abuja offers various services, including issuing visas, passport renewal, and notary services for Vietnamese, facilitating trade and economic relations between Vietnam and the host country, and assisting Vietnamese who may have legal issues in the host country.

You can contact the Vietnam Embassy in Abuja through their phone number (+234-8) 137086724 or via email at You can find more information about the embassy’s services on their website The embassy also has a map to help you find the location easily:

Whether you want to visit Vietnam for business or leisure, the Vietnam Embassy in Abuja is the perfect place to get the information and help you need. From visas to passport renewal and notary services, the Vietnam Embassy in Abuja has you covered. So, suppose you’re looking to learn more about Vietnam or need assistance related to the country. In that case, visiting the Vietnam Embassy in Abuja is your best bet.


Chúng tôi lấy làm tiếc để thông báo rằng Chính phủ Nigeria hiện chưa thành lập Đại Sứ Quán tại thành phố Đà Nẵng. Hiện tại, chúng tôi chỉ có thông tin về Đại Sứ Quán Nigeria tại thủ đô Hà Nội.

[Abuja, Nigeria] October 30, 2019, the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria signed agreement on visa exemption for diplomatic or official passport holders. The agreement is effective from November 29, 2019.