October 8, 2020
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Medical Tourism In Vietnam : All Information About Vietnam Visa

Vietnam is fast becoming a top destination for medical tourism in the world. Soon, it could surpass Thailand as a top medical tourism destination in Southeast Asia. In fact, Vietnam has been attracting several biotech research firms and pharmaceutical companies. The Vietnamese government has also been working aggressively to develop strategic plans that could further attract medical tourists and promote medical tourism.

If you are thinking of visiting Vietnam as a medical tourist, one of the things that you need to think about is the visa. Depending on your nationality, the rules and regulations for a Vietnam visa would greatly vary. This article will serve as your guide in applying for a Vietnam visa for medical tourism.

Visa Guide

The government of Vietnam offers different types of visas to foreign visitors, depending on the purpose of the visit. They can issue a tourist visa, transit visa, business visa, student visa, diplomatic visa, and more. Of all the visa types, it is the tourist visa that’s the most common. This is also the preferred Vietnam visa for medical tourism.

When applying for a tourist visa for medical tourism, there are two types of visa that you can choose from:

  • E-visa – this is an online version of the standard Vietnam visa. It can be applied online and it’s available to visitors coming from more than 80 countries. The visa will grant you a single entry into the country and you can stay for up to 30 days. This visa can be used for leisure travel and medical tourism.
  • Visa On Arrival – for medical tourists that need to stay in the country for a much longer time, the visa on arrival is ideal. This visa is available to tourists coming from more than 200 countries. It will let you choose between single entry and multiple entries. Plus, you can stay for up to a maximum of 60 days! This visa will be issued at the airport in Vietnam but you need to register for it in advance.

Requirements Needed for the Vietnam Visa Medical Tourism

When applying for a Vietnam visa for medical tourism, there are requirements that you need to submit. These documents are essential for the approval of your visa. Here are the requirements needed for the Vietnam visa medical tourism:

  • Valid passport – a valid passport is needed for the application of your Vietnam visa. It should be valid for at least six months from your date of entry into Vietnam. Take note that the Vietnam Immigration will not accept a temporary passport for your Vietnam visa application.
  • Photos – you will have to submit two passport-sized photos or around 4 x 6 cm in size. The photos should show your face clearly and be taken in a white background.
  • Application form – there’s an application form that you need to fill out when applying for the Vietnam visa for medical tourism. For the Vietnam e-visa, you can fill out the form online. But if you have applied for the visa on arrival, this form is known as the entry form/exit form.
  • Payment – you will be asked to pay for the processing of the visa. When applying for the Vietnam e-visa, you can pay for the processing fee online. They accept cards and PayPal for the payment. If you have chosen the Visa on Arrival, you will be asked to pay the stamping fee in cash when you claim the visa at the airport.
  • Approval letter – this letter is required for the Visa on Arrival. This will be given to you after you register for the visa online. You must print the letter and bring it with you to Vietnam. At the airport, you need to show the letter at the visa counter in order to be issued a Vietnam visa for medical tourism.

Consider Using the Fast Track Service

If you’re going to Vietnam for medical treatment, it’s a good idea to use the Fast Track Immigration Service. They will make sure that your arrival in Vietnam will be smoother and easier. With their help, you no longer need to queue at the counter for your Visa on Arrival. That’s because you will be treated as a priority passenger and this means you’ll get your visa after only a few minutes.

Aside from assisting you with the Visa on Arrival, the Fast Track Immigration Service will also escort you through airport security and into the immigration counter. They can also send someone to assist with your luggage, which makes your arrival to the country so much easier.

When you will use the Fast Track Immigration Service for your Vietnam Visa Medical Tourism, the staff will meet you at the landing area. The staff will be holding a banner with your name and will come to greet you. Then you will be assisted towards the visa counter for your visa and will escort you towards the luggage counter until such time that you reach the exit area of the terminal to wait for your car.

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