May 22, 2020
Visa tips

Procedure for Polish to apply Vietnam e-visa

To apply for Vietnam e-visa for Polish, the applicant needs to follow the steps that are stated below.

  1. The applicant needs to go to the official website to apply for the Vietnam E-visa.
  2. Then the image of the passport (Sample for passport’s bio page) as well as the passport-size photo (Photo guide) needs to be uploaded. It should be in the .jpg format.
  3. The details that are given in the passport data page need to be filled in correctly.
  4. The necessary details that is important for the trips. This includes details like date of journey, how many days you are going to reside in the country, etc.
  5. The fees to get the Vietnam e-visa for Polish need to be cleared while applying for this.

After the payment has been made, a registration code will be received by you. You need to keep a note of it. This registration number will help in tracking the application form and also to download the e-visa after it is granted.


The most important advantage of the e-visa process is you will receive the E-visa within 3 working days. In case of a business meeting or if you need to travel for an emergency purpose then this procedure turns out to be the best way to get an e-visa.

Vietnam E-visa is granted by the Vietnam Immigration Department by looking at the increase in the number of tourists. The Vietnam e-visa for Polish has entered in the list of 80 countries.

Normally, the Vietnam e-visa for citizens of Poland will only take 3 business days to be processed. But it could take a long time if it’s the peak season since there will be an overwhelming number of applications during this time.

The process of applying for the Vietnam e-visa for Polish citizens is very straightforward. However, some applicants tend to go in a hurry, which is prone to mistake.

If your e-visa application is approved, you will receive an email informing you about it. In the email, a link will be given and you need to click it in order to download your e-visa copy.

Currently, the Vietnam e-visa is being offered to more than 80 nationalities, including Poland. To send in your application, just go online and fill out the application form from their website.

The cost of applying for the e-visa is $25 if applying your e-visa directly at the official website of the government

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Poland 🇵🇱? Please see below for information of Embassy of Vietnam in Poland Address: ul. Resorowa 36, 02-956 Warsaw, Poland 🇵🇱 Code: 0048 – 22 Telephone:  651 60 98 Fax: 651 60 95 Reception: 6516098/ext.