August 19, 2020
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Regulations of Vietnam Ministry of Transport on Identification Documents

When flying to Vietnam, one of the most important things that you need to show upon check-in is the identification document. This is required by all airlines, including Vietnam Airlines, which is the flag carrier of Vietnam.

So before you fly to Vietnam, it’s very important that you prepare the necessary documents. If you cannot provide the documents that the airline requires, they have every right to refuse you from boarding your flight. To find out more about the required identification documents when traveling to Vietnam, check this out.

Passengers Traveling on International Routes

For passengers who are traveling to international destinations, you will be required to present one of the following identification documents when checking in:

  • Passport or another legal identification document that is valid for entry and exit, in accordance with the law, such as a permanent residence card, citizen’s identity card, temporary residence card, or a separate visa. The citizen’s identity card will only be valid if the passenger came from a country where Vietnam has signed a treaty allowing for the use of Citizen’s ID card instead of the passport.
  • For travelers with kids who do not have their own passport, the child’s full name, birth date, and photo must appear on the passport of the parent or legal guardian. The guardian can be the mother, father, or any of the adoptive parents.

Passengers Traveling on Domestic Flights

The identification documents for traveling on domestic flights in Vietnam are not as stringent as when traveling on an International flight. However, one of the following documents that will be accepted. Take note that these requirements apply to foreign passengers who are at least 14 years old.

  • Their foreign passport. The passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of travel.
  • Separate Vietnam visa.
  • Permanent residence card or temporary residence card (PRC).
  • Identification cards that were issued by consular offices or diplomatic missions to the members of consular offices or diplomatic missions. ID cards that were issued to the members of representative offices of international organizations are also accepted.
  • Motorbike or car driving licenses that the Vietnam government has issued.
  • Airport security and airport control card that has long-term validity.

Identification Cards for Passengers of Vietnamese Airlines

In the event that the passengers will lose his or her passport, Vietnamese Airlines will only allow the passenger to board the flight if he or she can provide a note signed by the consular or diplomatic post of the country where the passenger came from. A letter from the Department of Foreign Affairs will also be accepted, but it must be certified by the local police station.

The foreign passenger can also submit any document for identity recognition, such as a copy of the lost passport that has the photo and travel stamps. It’s important that the validity of the letter or note is 30 days from the confirmation date.

Passengers of Vietnamese Nationality

For Vietnamese passengers who are at least 14 years old, one of the following identification documents that the passenger must submit:

  • Vietnamese Passport
  • Temporary residence card, school card, or separate visa.
  • National ID
  • Citizens Card
  • Identity cards along with certificates from the people’s army and people’s police.
  • National Assembly member card.
  • Party membership card
  • Journalist Card
  • Valid driver’s license, for motorcycle or car.
  • Airport security and airport control card that’s valid for the long-term.
  • A card issued by the National Civic Aviation Security Commission
  • Identity cards issued by Vietnamese airlines.

The passenger can also submit an identification certificate that’s certified by the police officers of the commune or ward where the passenger is permanently or temporarily residing. It’s important that the certificate contains the following relevant information – the name of the certifier, certifying body, confirmation date, full name, birth date, sex, country of origin, as well as the address of the permanent residence of the concerned person. It should also contain the reason for confirmation.

The abovementioned certifications and certificates must come with photos and stamps that are valid for 30 days from the certification date. A certificate from the competent authority confirming that the passenger is the one who was served with the sentence must also be presented.

Passengers who are below 14 years old that travel on domestic flights must present a passport. If the child shares a passport with the parent or guardian, this passport must be presented. In the absence of the passport, the passenger can submit a birth certificate.

Conditions of the identification documents that passengers use when traveling with Vietnam Airlines:

  • They must be original and are still valid for use.
  • The birth certificate should be original or certified true copy in accordance with the Vietnamese Law.

Any of the documents mentioned cannot be accepted if it does not contain any photos or if they are not in accordance with the Vietnamese Law, except for birth certificate.

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