When requesting a visa extension from the Vietnam Immigration Department in Ha Long City, consider hiring an agent to help make the process easier and convenient. There are now several agents in Vietnam that offer assistance to foreign visitors in terms of applying for a new visa and extending the visa’s validity.

One of the main things that foreigners in Ha Long City get concerned about at the end of their Vietnam visa validity is if there is a way for them to extend their stay in the country. The good news is that foreign travelers in Vietnam are eligible for a visa extension.

Ha Long City is home to the Ha Long Bay, a popular tourist attraction in Vietnam. This UNESCO world heritage site welcomes thousands of foreign tourists each year.

Aside from visa extension, another option for foreign tourists who wanted to stay longer in Vietnam is to apply for a visa renewal. If you are in Ha Long City, you can renew your Vietnamese visa in the Vietnam Immigration Office of Ha Long, which is located in Hong Ha Ward.

When foreigners go to Vietnam for a holiday, they will most likely be heading to Ha Long City. This city is home to the Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is considered Vietnam’s most popular attraction.