Convenience: Getting a Vietnam landing visa has become easier. Everything is done online.

Step 1 : To apply for a Vietnam landing visa, you should first fill out all your personal information in the online form. You must provide your personal information as it is in your passport.

Yes, getting a Vietnam landing visa or Vietnam Visa on arrival is a 100% legal process. The Vietnam immigration department will authorise the visa approval letter sent to your email.

Before getting on board: The good news is that the application for Vietnam landing visa in Airport done entirely online. All you need is a computer or mobile phone connected to the internet.

As a foreign applicant, you get a lot of advantages. It can surprisingly satisfy even the prickliest customers.

To help the Businessmen and tourists visiting Vietnam, the government of Vietnam and the Vietnam immigration department has put Vietnam landing visa into use for so many years now. Pick the Vietnam landing visa on arriving at one of the international airports in Vietnam.

Before you apply for your visa, you have to ensure that you are using 100% risk free website for applying for your visa under Vietnam landing visa . After confirming, you can start apply for your Vietnam visa by filling out the online application with the accurate data.

The Vietnam landing visa is one of the easiest Vietnam visas to apply. It will not require you to go to an embassy to submit your application or claim your visa.

Yes, but you need to get in touch with a local travel agent to process the extension of your visa. But there are situations where the extension request will be refused, such as when you overstayed in Vietnam or you had some problems with the Vietnam Immigration during your previous visits in the country.

You should apply for the landing visa as early as you can, although the Vietnam Immigration would recommend applying at least two weeks ahead of your trip. The usual processing time is 2 – 4 business days.

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