Although most foreign visitors to Vietnam require a visa to enter the country, citizens of a few countries can visit without the need for a visa. These visitors can stay in Vietnam for a limited period of time.

You must have the following documents to enter Phu Quoc island without a visa:- A valid passport for six months from your arrival date is a must. If your passport expires after the arrival date, it is essential to renew your passport prior to taking the trip to the Phu Quoc Island.

Visitors to the Phu Quoc Island no need to apply for a visa. You can enter Phu Quoc Island without a visa, but you have to satisfy certain conditions.

In order to enter the Island without a visa, you should meet the below criteria. Your passport should be valid for six months from your date of arrival.

If Phu Quoc is your primary destination in Vietnam, you can enjoy a thirty day free Vietnam visa exception no matter you are a Vietnamese or a foreigner holding a foreign passport. But if you want to enter the Island from another destination in Vietnam, or if you’re going to visit some other city after

You should have a visa to enter Vietnam. But you can visit this Island with no visa.

Yes, but you need to get in touch with a local travel agent to process the extension of your visa. But there are situations where the extension request will be refused, such as when you overstayed in Vietnam or you had some problems with the Vietnam Immigration during your previous visits in the country.

– Vietnam Visa Exemption Certificate is valid for a maximum period of 05 years, or 06 months less than the expiration date of the holder’s passport/travel document, if the passport/travel document’s validity is less than 05 years by the time of submission. – Vietnam Visa Exemption Certificate holders can stay in Vietnam for a maximum

Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has revealed an agreement between the Costa Rican Republic and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. This is in terms of visa exemption among official or diplomatic passport holders.

The Visa Waiver Program enables nationals of certain countries to travel to Vietnam for tourism or business (visitor visa purposes) for a specific of time without obtaining a visa. VIETNAM VISA EXEMPTION LIST  No Citizens of Days of Free Visa 1 United Kingdom 15 days 2 France 15 days 3 Italy 15 days 4 Spain

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